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8/14/2010 c22 2chapsticklips
Yay! I was worried when I realised this chapter was the last one, as I thought for a moment it wasn't complete (when I clicked onto it) but you did so well in tying everything up in the one chapter. I think I enjoy stories without the epilogues more as it usually ends up being a sap fest. I'm glad also that things weren't fully resolved with Larissa and Eric, part of me thinks they don't deserve it, I still don't like them and Eric is a complete jerk. Guh. I can't even express how much of a crummy guy he is.

The only critique I do have for you is the way some of your dialogue is over two lines, in this last chapter I didn't notice it but in previous ones they made it confusing as to who was speaking when putting speech over two lines don't close what they are saying off with an apostrophe, however on the next line start with an apostrophe and close with one hopefully that makes sense
8/13/2010 c20 chapsticklips
Im so incredibly caught up in this story! Thank you SKOW for pointing me in the direction of it! I could cry for Sayuri, in fact I almost am.. She's definately not been treated well by the Grendel men.
8/10/2010 c3 chapsticklips
Wow, I do feel quite bad for her, regardless of the fact that she was using him, but I mean come on, what is casual sex anyway? They both were using each other before she made it known he was a replacement for Eric. Woo! Cant wait to read on!
8/8/2010 c1 Guest
Am i the only one who still liked Eric?

i mean, what he did to Sayuri was beyond horrible BUT id like it much better if eric and sayuri got along better. and vincent and laryssa and all of them lot were one big happy gang :)
8/7/2010 c20 Last Wish
Btw I was hoping some miracle would happen and a truck would hit Eric because of his douche bag ways. If he wasn't such a spoiled brat and a trust fund baby, I doubt such an attitude will allow him to survive in this world. Good thing he's fictional hm?
8/7/2010 c22 Last Wish
I'm absolutely in love with this story and the sad thing is that I can already seeing myself turning into Sayuri. Reason being is that I'm graduating this spring from college I'm always swamping myself with internships and basically pure knowledge to ready myself for my career that I almost feel disjointed from the social scene haha This story brightened up my day. Thanks a bunch =)
8/3/2010 c22 5to be someone else
yay! i love love love this story. Larry is okay now (i dont think of her as a bitch anymore) Eric is a bastard still. i hate his guts. :] but i love love vincent. hehehe
8/3/2010 c7 hixy
good story plot so far, im liking it.
8/1/2010 c22 23JustMiLuc
alright. so i just sat down and reread this story from start to finish in a few hours.

i love this story. like seriously.

you write so well that everytime sayuri felt anger, or hurt, and passion, i practically felt it.

so i just wanted to say thank you for writing this, and you should seriously look into getting published somehow.
7/31/2010 c1 abski
love this story! i've read it several times over already!
7/26/2010 c22 cynthian
i've read this story a million times. love it!

epilogue please :D
7/24/2010 c22 random
that was the sweetest story ever and i loved it. the ending made me cry (just a little bit)congrats on being so talented:)
7/18/2010 c22 sappyromancelvr
Love the ending. Love the entire thing. Epilogue! :)
7/14/2010 c22 1Romance-Sword
Wow~! :D

I Have To Say, Just A Friken Awsome Story
7/13/2010 c6 CandiiLand
The Wedding Planner much...? As much as I love the movie... and I love this story, don't get me wrong. It's almost verbatim the conversation from the movie where Jennifer threatens to make her own company if she doesn't make her partner. That kind of turned me off... but I love the rest of the story so I'm going to continue to read and hope there aren't any more recognizable scenes from movies...
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