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3/10/2013 c22 Tara
This was a great story xox
2/12/2013 c22 just finished
You made me read this all night... and CRY.. you're a great writer btw. BUT THAT ENDING SUCKS! I STILL HATE VINCENT, THAT SON OF A BITCH ! Disgusting... company my ass.. he should have done more.
2/10/2013 c22 midnightstar96
Omg. Add the epilogue. I cant wait!
2/9/2013 c22 15Natari Mirumura
This story was the best story from beginning to end! It was dramatic, sexy, high in suspense, and just attention captivating! I couldn't stop reading this story at alllll! I always have school the very next day, but this story kept me up all night to the point where I couldn't/didn't sleep! I loved the plot that went on, and even though I'm late on discovering this story, and commenting - I can't help but commend you on an extreamllllllllllyyyyy well done job! This story stood out and related to me a bit, and I had to react to every single thing that went on! Everything! This story just stirred so much emotions out of me! To be honest though, I think it'd be cool if this story did a time skip - like five or six years later - and we get to see where the characters are in their lives, and hopefully if Vincent and Sayuri got married! It'd also be nice if Sayuri and Vincent got a bit more intimate for the ending :) But I just loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeedddddddddd d this story! My only hope is that a book two could come out! Please keep writing, and keep it up! :D
2/6/2013 c1 Natari Mirumura
Very intriguing first chapter! Very well written out too! Amazing job, keep it up :D
1/23/2013 c22 Emmy
This was such a joy to read.

Sorry I didnt discover it sooner!
12/30/2012 c22 Clazziquai Project
Yup, definitely adding to my favorites! Stayed up way too late to read this whole story in one sitting! But it was worth every word and every second. Beautiful writing, just beautiful. You capture emotions so well.
12/16/2012 c22 Guest
This story is amazing, it's hard for me to admit that I cried a little while reading it - it's wounding my pride - but this story had the perfect balance between true love in a fairytale kind of way with the realistic part of love which shows us how love truly is outside the fictional stories. I repeat myself: AMAZING WORK!
Hope to read more of your stories, don't give up on writing!
BoysInBooksAreAlwaysBetter ;)
12/14/2012 c1 silvana94

I really enjoyed reading your story, I loved sayuri, she was such an awesome character and so much better than those lame loser girls everyone loves writing about! Vincent was also quite fascinating and I liked the competition he and Eric had going on, Ariel and Alex were also enjoyable characters and their side story was well written and believable. The ending was a bit mushy for my taste but I guess all happy endings are a bit like that. All in all it was a very good read and I think you are a capable writer. :)
10/9/2012 c22 Xioaxa
I have mixed feeling about this story, I can't tell if I liked it or not. Maybe because I wasn't happy when she first slept with Vincent. I thougth O noooo, she'll fall in love with the brother of her ex-fiancee ... . I didn't want to continue reading the stories after I realize that that was happening.. But I still kept on reading and read it in 2 days. Maybe to read that she found her happiness in Alex or someone else, which wasn't the case or maybe because you're just a good writer.
There were various part of the story which I liked though. The cliffhangers, Alex, Ariel. I'ts well-written. I empathize with Sayuri when she was left at the alter and the hurt she felt. But I'm a little dissappointed whith the ending, eventhough I knew that that's gonna happen.
10/5/2012 c22 Choukou
That was AMAZING. You know that feeling when you get so wrapped up in their feelings that your heart hurts when something goes wrong? I definitely do. I was bawling at my desk reading these past few was such a good story!
9/29/2012 c22 whitedwarf
Hey, you know, it's funny, your writing is amazing, your dramatic situations riveting and certainly captivating. The premise for your story was interesting and your take quite original. I should be leaving a review telling you exactly how much I have fallen in love with this story and that I'm going to read and re-read it again and again. But I'm not. And that's what funny(strange).

As I read through each chapter, as I've already said, I thoughly enjoyed your style of writing and you began your story with a your main character in a crisis, a depression of sorts. She had been jilted and even though she was a marvelous catch for any man because of how she was jilted her character was suffering major low self esteem, confusion and depression. Understandably. And I enjoyed these beginning chapters. You painted a strong character who really has just managed to survive by the skin of her teeth a devastating experience. She was fragile. She needed fixing. She needed to be shown that what her ex-fiancee thought of her was out of the norm and the betrayal of her best friend was also not behaviour which is normal or acceptable and she didn't need to accept it because in the end she had done nothing wrong and there was nothing wrong with her.
So I thought the pick of her love interests character extremely intelligent and also squeal worthy. Why? Because the man that had jilted her was an attractive, successful man who found a 'better model' so to speak in what he wanted but he had a MAJOR flaw; he's a coward. He left her at the church, he was a bastard to her at his own wedding and he was terrible to her when he found out about her and his brother. But his brother? He was almost the 'better model' of the one that jilted her originally. He was more handsome, more mature, more capable, sharper. He was generous where the younger brother was selfish. He was the better catch. And the fact that the better catch wanted the jilted lover would show her that she wasn't unwanted, there was nothing wrong with her and she shouldn't feel ashamed of herself.
It's almost like you had all the ingredients to fix your main female character, teach her ex-fiancee that even if he found out he didn't want to marry her anymore the really abhorrent thing he did was the WAY in which he left her. He humiliated her and kicked her while she was down and her best friend ought to have had enough guts and loyalty to come to sayuri herself and explain. But then you had Vincent fall like a house of cards to his brothers childish selfish demands. It was like, suddenly, your strong character didn't have a back bone. Yes, he was his brother but that doesn't mean allowing him to tell him what to do, it also means that he is one of the few people whi SHOULD call his younger brother on his crap and tell him when what he's asking is unacceptable and brat-like.
Again, Sayuri was humiliated and then that church scene with her best friend. Her best friend that was too weak and frail to take charge and tell her husband when he's wrong, she's a door mat and she should have had enough loyalty to have done something sooner and certainly not in the privacy of the church after sayuri's PUBLIC humiliation. There was no balance here. Sayuri got the guy but he isn't the guy that trumps the one that originally jilted her. Now he's weak. And because of that I just never felt as if Sayuri's character learned that there was nothing wrong with her or got any sort of closure or not retribution but because Vincent was ultimatly exposed as weak and spinless when it came to his brother she never got the protection she needed from those jilting actions. At the end of the day she wasn't better off that the jilting happened she simply wasn't alone. And I thought her character deserved more. Deserved a better partner. A happier ending more in balance with the misery she'd gone through. So, ultimatly, I simply got to the end of the story and no matter how well written I simply couldn't stand that that is how her story ends. That that was her happy ending. Perhaps it's because you created such an incredible character in her ;D. If your able to I'd really like to know why changed Vincent's character potential like that? Do you think that Sayuri got the happiness she deserved in him? I'd really be interested because I do think your writing is fantasic and I was just so dissapointed in the way it turned out. Thanks :D
8/24/2012 c22 Guest
great story. could have had a stronger ending though. that was just a bit of a bad ending to an amazing story.
8/18/2012 c22 Guest
names Trisha... I would like to know why you are not published you have an unbelievable talent...
8/18/2012 c15 Guest
my favorite chapter thus far... trish
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