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8/29/2006 c7 10afk
oh ezciting! i like i like! and jaimie is goign to get all setltled up? woow
8/28/2006 c7 Emily
*squeals* I love this story! I'm so glad you decided to continue it. I'm on the edge of my seat to read what happens next!
8/28/2006 c7 Kasee Lara
Ah! Cliffhanger! So I asked before, but, have you heard of the band Better Than Ezra?

You moved through a lot of events really fast, though it was good decision. It fills us in on the little things that have been going on but keeps us interested. So Jamie has a baby coming along. I miss Terry. Gary isn't actually all bad, he's pretty cool. Looking forward to seeing Tom, I miss him too.
8/28/2006 c7 2ShadesWithLove
It's still feels sad when we read about Jamie being with someone else...
8/28/2006 c7 3BabyKeepItSurreal
Fuck yea! I'm so happy it's being continued. Will's going to face his childhood...and I'm excited. Should I be? Probably not, but I am regardless.

I love 'The Two of Us' and I'm glad that it's going to go together plot wise with BFE. This is a glorious turn of events...
8/28/2006 c7 19diebyownhands

Will, Will, Will as much as I love the boy I don't understand him.

I really like Lucke and Ezra they are such cute good couple, they seem to work very well together.

I'm glad you decided to continue with this I was a bit sad to see it as discontinued.
8/28/2006 c7 25Esquirella
YES! We readers WIN the story ack! AWESOME!

Poor Ezra! I was pretty mad at Will there. I mean I understand the resentment, but it was kind of obnoxious of him to demand that Ezra not be friends with Michael. Maybe their next meeting will go a little better.

DARN YOU! You just HAD to make Jamie knock her up, huh? LOL! I'm sure Terry's looking on from The Beyond in amusement.
8/25/2006 c6 3BabyKeepItSurreal
What? Discontinued! Right when things are starting to unfold...this breaks my heart...I hope you'll change your mind...
8/22/2006 c6 nowhere-to-fall
Ahh! Why is it discontinued?Its a great story!
8/18/2006 c6 green
this was not how I pictured the two brothers would meet. I love your stories they are so realistic. I had imagined something much more dramatic. But still, UPDATE WOMAN!
8/14/2006 c6 7SarryMatts
personally i thuink the police are stupid in whatever country they're in, and you got them right in this chapter.

I'm hoping Will doesn't get angry and cause problems for Ezra, the guy is too nice to get grief even though Will seems to have gone through some bad times at home.

8/11/2006 c6 Kasee Lara
I love how you're stories are realistic, but not so realistic that they become boring. Nice work.

Btw, have you heard of the band Better Than Ezra?
8/10/2006 c6 32eldrin
Ah, Will. Interesting way for the brothers to see each other.
8/10/2006 c6 thatbizzanginchick
so far, it's a really good story. i really love how you somehow find a way to twist the majority of your stories together. it's great :)
8/9/2006 c6 sickpuppy
I'm building you a shrine to facilitate worship. Which colour do you like and what type of scented candles would you prefer?

Now, I need to go chant.
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