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7/25/2006 c3 green
Why do I get the feeling something is going to happen between Mike and Ezra? DO NOT break up Mike and Brett. I thought Mike was fostering Teagon how does he have the time to be promiscuous? Hopefully Luke finds Will before anything bad happens. Ezra is 6'4". Tall seems to run in the family.
7/25/2006 c3 25Esquirella
Why do I have this feeling of impending doom? Could it be that the last line in the chapter is foreshadowing bad things I'm going to be cringing over? I'm not putting it past you. You've "zinged" me before, you have! LOL!

Nice to see Brett and Mikey again though, even if Mikey's promiscuity is leading me to worry ... again!
7/25/2006 c3 4mandrake-o
I can't believe it took me two chapters and a line to realise that this guy named Jamie was probably THE Jamie. I feel like such an idiot now and hope that I was not the only one.

I love that you're continuing this saga with some new characters.

=) Mandraco.
7/25/2006 c3 10afk
aw yes everybody meets everybody! and dun dun dun ezra and micheal don't seem to be breaking such a nice friendship hahahaha! XD please update? it's so fun!
7/25/2006 c3 Kasee Lara
I love Michael and Brett. So much more than Brett and Damon. They weren't right. But Michael and Brett suit each other soo well. And I love Damon and Trent. Please, please keep Mikey and Brett together.

But nice chapter, my favourite so far.
7/24/2006 c3 19diebyownhands
Michael wouldn 't would he?

well I hope at least Ezra wouldn't do it that would be ... akward. His cheats on his partner with his estranged brothers foster dad who is friends with his partners boss...
7/22/2006 c2 3BabyKeepItSurreal
Yay, this fic is cute so far. I really like Luke, and at least he is on the right track to finking Will, he knows Jamie...

I'm so excited, hopefully the past will be uncovered!
7/19/2006 c2 KittenzAndTheeGlitz
THNX for these cute new characters! Can't wait for the story to progress.
7/19/2006 c2 10afk
i luve luke!so much and jamie as in jaime? oh i luv this story XD hahahaha
7/18/2006 c2 32eldrin
I'm very much liking where this story is going. Seems like you've introduced a couple of good characters to us...I'm excited to see more of them and, of course, the old favorites.
7/18/2006 c2 Kaz
I thought Ezra was Tom's brother...

Is Jamie... Jamie from the rest of the stories?
7/18/2006 c2 josie
Well, now. Things are looking interesting. Dunno how you do it, but I'm always dying for more after reading a chapter of yours. But you aren't finished with Life, Continued, are you? Or maybe you are. *tears hair out in tufts* At least say you aren't gonna leave Michael hanging with Brett permanently abroad. It kills me. Those two need another story. And Will 4ever! The new guys, are adorable though!
7/18/2006 c2 diebyownhands
I jackie having facial hair a new thing? I know it's a weird thing to ask but the way I always imagined him was with no facial hair, but I might have blocked out any other mentin of facial hair...

I really like how this is going, I'd say where but I don't know where its going yet cute couple btw.
7/18/2006 c2 25Esquirella
OH! WILL is Ezra's brother! *hits forehead* Man, I'm thick sometimes! I thought it was Tom! Gary sounds thoroughly lecherous! LOL! Jamie's personality comes through clearly here. It's like getting to know him all over again and in greater depth, which is cool!
7/18/2006 c2 Kasee Lara
Maybe Luke should have asked before looking for Ezra's brother...

Ah well, I'm all for Will and Tom action! If that means Ezra and Will have a couple of fights...well it's a sacrifice I'm willing to make. Besides, we finally get to find out why Will is in foster care!

Luke reminds me of Damon a bit. Not much, just a little. Luke and Ezra are such a cute couple! Which means no Luke and Jamie. And no Luke and Gary either! Okay? Good.

Updates are always great. :D
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