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7/17/2006 c2 5Yoyo-chan
Aw, they're adorable! Ezra is super-cute. Is he tall? Also Luke is really sweet ^_^.
7/17/2006 c1 Dam
Just wonderful. It's a pleasure to read a story which is starting like that. Really... And Luke's one of my favourite names ;).
7/17/2006 c1 25Esquirella
This is an awesome start! Don't tell Taylor, but I kind of "saw" him and his partner in that last paragraph! LOL! Does Tom know anout Ezra? (Did you cover that in the last story? Am I an idiot? Inquiring minds want to know!)
7/16/2006 c1 green
Another Tom and Will story. But now we get to find out about Will's past. This is too exciting. I might even burst with it so please keep on updating with the same speed. I love it.
7/16/2006 c1 10afk
is this tom OUR tom of will & tom? if it is: cool! and god i want to read more! XD
7/15/2006 c1 16Collar de Espinas
Oh...'my partner’s brother’s boyfriend'...so Ezra is Will's brother! Will has a brother!

Wow...so we may be getting to know a little more about Will's mysterious background. Brilliant!

Uh-oh...poor Tom... His arse on the 'net. Nyeh...

Oh, and Jamie is in this one too. I'm loving it already!

This seems like it's going to be very interesting. Excellent stuff!
7/15/2006 c1 32eldrin
Lovely. I'm quite glad to see a new story, and it looks to be off to a good start.
7/15/2006 c1 ddz008
Interesting beginning XDHe doesn't even know what he is going to do, hope everything goes okUpdate soon, please!
7/15/2006 c1 Kasee Lara
More Tom and Will! And another story! Can't really tell much of the plot from the first chapter, so I'm looking forward to the next! Sorry I haven't reviewed any of your other stories before (yes, I am evil) but I do love them, I love the way you write! It's so believable and down to earth...you have talent!
7/15/2006 c1 19diebyownhands
uh! Yay new story and from the looks of it more Tom and Will!

Poor Tom picks of his booty on the internet...I wouldn't mind seeing that :P
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