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7/27/2007 c1 81thursdays and rain
8/22/2006 c1 230lovelikeamixtape
this is way beautiful. it's like a breath of fresh air. favorites.
8/7/2006 c1 65Aquafied
will take on a meaningthat only we willunderstand-dont you just love that about music, sometimes. no, not really.

7/24/2006 c1 90WiltingBlackRose
Aww that was so sweet.

Made me smile.
7/18/2006 c1 68this is britt
you are, just, incredible. everything's so descriptive and so detailed and so realistic. it goes like a story almost. and you're the only person i know that could pull off that ginsberg & kerouac & buddha then postheavymetalhardpunkrock so well.
7/18/2006 c1 90poetic abortion
It is fabulous, simply put. And the metaphor . . . Oh God, you make teen-romance seem like it had a chance (except, you know, not) with the way you write; it feels like summer and love and it doesn't seem cheesy and dully concocted. It seems real and pretty and - did I mention how real this feels? I swear I could just look outside my window and see it there, in full-blown glory, happening. Itissopretty.

~* Noelle
7/18/2006 c1 106shelina
this is amazing, omg. beautiful descriptions and the emotions are very clear. for some reason i dont like the "one" at the end though, but the poem is still really really well written.
7/18/2006 c1 75clockwork kiss
cute. it is the epitome of teen love. i like the souvenir comparison idea, it's definitely a good metaphor for young romance. possiblye a perfect one. the emphasis on the &s is nice and gives it a hopeful feeling of continuation. very cool piece, the emotion really comes through.

7/18/2006 c1 232Second Hand Screams
One word for this marvelously worded, image-filled, beautiful piece:

7/18/2006 c1 70mercury.love
Beautiful. I love it. I can't think of anything to say and "& everything is infinitehopefulpossiblelike we arewhenwearetogether

one." completely gorgeous perfection. One for the favorites list.
7/18/2006 c1 5Whoregasmic
this is amazing and simplelike summer-loveand things that dont mean anythingto anyone but those who know what they mean. and bones touching and just skin to skin. love. its amazing.im star-struck by your brilliance!

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