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2/13/2009 c9 Twist Their Emotions
Beautiful. Dramatic. Lovely.
2/13/2009 c9 Blackrain7557
Very well done story (though I'm sure you know that), characters are very well done, interesting plot line and good writing. Vader is awesome, probably my favorite character in the story. Hope that you will continue to write the story, would be a shame to see it just die.
2/12/2009 c9 2shellbell10
=O o no whats going to happen
2/7/2009 c8 Regin
I Like, I Lust, I Love!Please Update Soon!
11/23/2008 c8 Talin
Ahh! I'm so excited, it's getting good. :DD
11/12/2008 c8 Twist Their Emotions
Interesting. I honestly have no idea where this story is going- and that's a good thing. :)
11/12/2008 c8 shellbell10
Omg update I love ur story lol
11/10/2008 c8 4January Skies
Yay! Another chapter, I'm so happy. Awesome! Finally some action, I was wondering when something was going to happen! (Well besides the whole rape thing.)
11/10/2008 c8 Haley Hardcore
great chapter and dude she got caught cant wait till the next chapter
7/25/2008 c7 Talin
That was great. Omg I want to know what happens next~. What Xerxes would do.
7/23/2008 c7 1violet-eyez
huh...he said that he would hear her even when he wasn't there...some guardian...can't even protect her
7/23/2008 c7 Haley Hardcore
awesome story so far and dude hope someone goes 2 help her
6/1/2008 c6 34RhythmOfMySoul
Wow. WOW! What a powerful ending, very well written, very emotion inspiring. I didn't blink at ALL since you said that Xerxes smirked. ACK! Wow, this is an amazing story (sorry for the late review)

update soon!
5/28/2008 c6 1violet-eyez
so...why doesn't he just let them go after, and just erase their memory?
5/13/2008 c5 34RhythmOfMySoul
Wow. Very intense chapter filled with lots of drama and emotions. It was very well written, I really liked it!
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