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5/1/2008 c6 Talin
I love this story. It's so exciting~. Please update. Thank you. :D
4/6/2008 c5 11Tecna
You've FINALLY updated this story! It is brilliant! I love the chapter, it's so well written and detailed. The emotions running through Kaila felt so real and also I've noticed you changed your name along with the summary and I thought I was reading the wrong story first, but then I recognised it as the same one.

Fab chapter, really enjpyed reading... I'm still getting over the fact that you've finally updated. You've made my day! (And night.) I have college tomorrow, holidays finished, so this was a pleasant surprise. Enjoyed it!

Tecna ;)
12/24/2007 c4 5Anon Amos

Why don't you update? This is a cool story but I see that you haven't done anything with is for a long long time. Which is very sad since I like it so much

10/8/2007 c4 Hiddengirl10
you haven't updated in so long and I'm on a cliffhanger here, update soon? Please? Its a great story and I'm looking forward to reading more of it!
9/22/2007 c4 11Tecna
I'm a very weird person, I have you on my fave list and yet I find that I haven't reviewed this fic... you have every right to be angry or annoyed with me, but PLEASE update, I love this fic and I really want to read more!

Tecna ;)
4/26/2007 c4 10Volurin

Yes! That is the word, cliche. It is very un-original, almost annoyingly so. But I do like it, even though I have seen it before. I have a question. When you named the Master vampire, were you thinking of Star Wars, as in "Darth Vader"?

Oh, and how do you pronounce "Xerxes"?
2/11/2007 c4 16Kiyoko Usagi
Oh I'd just love to have a woman shove her finger up me!...not


I really like the developement of the characters. Can't wait for more

: )
2/4/2007 c4 34RhythmOfMySoul
"Kaila blinked twice. Myra could have just asked her and they could have completely avoided that situation."

I SO agree!

"“Yeah if I want to appear on playboy.”" HAHA! Funny quote! Good job bringing out Kaila's personality there.

"“Master!” a voice called and Carina appeared melting in the arms of her lord. She began kissing his neck and he caressed her intimate areas, aware of Xerxes’s presence." *rolls eyes* Guys. Such pigs...

Great ending! I loved this chapter! 'Can't wait for the next one!
12/2/2006 c3 16Kiyoko Usagi
I'm in love with how you shaped Xerxes' personality. At this point he seems like a jackass gentleman, and I have a soft spot for men like that. It's rather sad actually

amazing work.
10/28/2006 c3 34RhythmOfMySoul
Wow. This was a great chapter.

While reading your story, I realized, if I was in Kaila's situation, when I woke up from unconsciousness and saw Xerxes walking towards me, I wouldn't have even thought about running, I would have just sat there thinking, "wow, he's hott."

yeah, a bit of randomness for you there.

anyway, this chapter was the shyt! I can't wait to read more!
10/28/2006 c2 RhythmOfMySoul
Hottness. I loved the chapter. You wrote it really well.
10/21/2006 c1 RhythmOfMySoul
Great first chapter! I loved it!
10/18/2006 c3 12the devil herself
Wow every thing is so good looking do ya think! any way the story is awsome and i really like the new chapter. Yay for you

The devil herself
10/12/2006 c3 stilldawn
Interesting storyline, a must to end. Please oh please update... I love Kaila;thanks.
10/12/2006 c3 6Ollie May
You've no idea how happy I am to see another chapter of this story! It has so much potential, I'm on the edge of my seat seeing where your talented mind is going to take it. Please continue soon!

Ollie May
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