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for The Girl with the Sharpie Markers

11/26/2006 c10 stuge
its so sweet update son
11/4/2006 c10 5AquaDream
Great story! Please update soon!
9/28/2006 c10 ZOMGGGNOWAY
GHANGSTAH! AHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHA.(katrinas a bitch)(write longest chaps ho)
9/21/2006 c8 6bookface31
I love this story, and I just started reading this, but I fell in love with it! When I saw you needed reviews, I saw that it's only fair. I love this story, once again.

9/21/2006 c7 bookface31
Dude! I just started reading this, and I was hooked! I decided to review you, though. It's only fair. I love this story!

9/20/2006 c9 zomggnoway
9/20/2006 c9 4SweetNSourYo
Thanks everyone! no im not offended at all thats what i needed! oh and i have to fix it chapter 6 and 7 are backwards!
9/19/2006 c9 alexa
hey. first off, this story has a lot of potential, but there are a few suggestions that could make this better.

1. don't put little notes or author's comments in the middle of the chapter because it's distracting

2. work on description. your dialogue is fine, but you need to slow down and explain stuff more in detail.

3. it's okay to skip days. i noticed that your first couple of chapters ended and began right in the same place. you don't have to do that, especially since it tends to slow down or make a story drag. you can let a reader know what's going on just by describing it here and there.

4. work on your spelling and grammar. try getting a beta that could help you.

i hope this comment doesn't offend you- it was meant as constructive criticism. hope to see what happens next.
9/19/2006 c7 alexa
what just happened? chapter 6 and chapter 7 were basically the same thing except chapter 7 was more developed..
9/9/2006 c8 3ZOMGGNOWAY
omgomgomgomgomgogmogmg write more
9/9/2006 c8 sassy34
oh my god this is a perfect story please keep writing about it!
8/13/2006 c7 YuLian
O_o what the heck happened to it? You were supposed to look at the comments and fix it yourself... You haven't been signing on, so I have no idea what's going on.

8/11/2006 c1 4SweetNSourYo
Thanks for reviewing everyone!
8/11/2006 c6 ZOMGGNOWAY
ZOMGG EMILY ROSE MADE ME POOP MY PANTS TWICE IN A ROW.and zomgg, they is gonna get it on!
8/10/2006 c5 YuLian
::sigh:: you never did give me the chapters to edit... so, I am going to copy and paste all the chapters here, and edit it and email it to you, okay? Great chapter by the way. Maybe some more description would be good.

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