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for The Ass in Assassination

5/3/2021 c10 2Upscaler
As a review, your story is amazing- incredible character buildup, really good chem. I'm really in confusion whether to let him die or not.
As for reminder, its been 10 LONG YEARS!
If you aren't writing anymore, we want to know about it. Plss
Thank you
5/29/2014 c10 jessskaaaaa
please please pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee update
you've got me on my knees begging here!
1/11/2014 c10 8maiff
Dear Faedora, hope you do continue this huhu pretty pretty please. I like how you've developed the characters and I would like to know what comes next. So huhu I'm looking forward to the next chapters :)
9/8/2012 c7 Teylor
I really appreciate the fact that you don't go into detailed descriptions of the characters' appearances as soon as they're introduced. Especially Tess as it's written in her P.O.V and I've noticed that in many other stories the protagonist describes herself at length. Then goes on to everyone else.
9/7/2012 c3 Del
I'm re-reading the story for the fourth time. If it's possible and isn't too much trouble, please update soon? I understand if you have writer's block. I'm just curious to see how long Tess's crush is one-sided.
7/13/2012 c10 Coyfluix
Your story is absolutely amazing! It's not the typical love story. Tess still has hatred towards Cartier ad is still really focused on the errand. Like Tess, I also assumed that Cartier would be that rich, arrogant playboy that basked in the attention, but instead, he defies that stereotype, surprising both Tess and me at the same time. One of the reasons why I absolutely love this story is because of the emotional connection I have to Tess. Both her and I stereotyped him and are continuously perplexed when her defies our assumptions. This story is beautifully written. Please update soon!
5/1/2012 c10 3LillyAnne23
What an amazing story I can not wait until you update it is absolutely wonderful please do continue soon.
2/26/2012 c10 Tra-vation
This chapter is still amazing.(this has probably been like the third time i've read it) I'm still so anxious to know how they are going to survive Cartier finding out that she's an assassin. But it might be awhile until that happens. 3 the story. oh and i'm also curious to know why ash lives in his house. it's kind of weird
12/29/2011 c10 4theblacksheepinme
AAAHHH!This story is so fun to read! Please update soon!
11/26/2011 c10 8DorkExpress
Wow. This story rocks!

But, I must say, Cartier's attitude has changed dramatically. I know that's what happens when you get close to someone you weren't close before, but, I do hope Aven isn't being a prick just because he likes Tess. It seems probable...

11/1/2011 c10 Wings0024
I love this story! It is so interesting and I'm waiting on the next chapter. I felt that this was a big cliffhanger. I love how the chapters are long, but PLEASE update sooner.
7/31/2011 c10 queenjade
I can't believe ive only just gotten into this story! It's friggin BRILLAINT!

Update soon :)

7/23/2011 c1 2book.junkie.1996
Loooooove it.:) Unfortunately I have a friend over right now (unfortunately because I haven't been real friends with her since kindergarten but our moms are BFFs and they went out) so I can't read the rest right now, but I'll be back! :)
6/27/2011 c10 sanzo-reload

*happy dance*

I love love love chapter 8 and 9!

And the fight between Aven and Tess is gonna be epic!

I'm loving Cartier and Tess interaction more and more...
6/16/2011 c10 1heyguesswhatbitch
I am wondering if you will make this into a rated M story. This is actually one those stories that I really keep under my radar. I absolutely adore this. Please dont drop this story and I can only pray that this won\t be plagarized because it is so good. I am waiting for the next chapter already
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