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1/30/2006 c1 1Gap of Luminosity
Wow, its really good! Keep up with it! If you ever get the chance, please read my story, Litiana: Know Who I Am. Thanks!
6/18/2003 c1 Judah
"The young boy, looking more like a young man, stands from his position. He is wearing basic street clothes like the beggars outside, but an aura of warmth flows from him."

I have no idea what this character looks like.

"I’m Matthew LaCroix, it’s nice to meet you,"

An orphan with a last name? But then all your orphans seem to have this distinction.

I can't really get into the story, you never described the socio-economic background, the population, or the relative tech level, all of which stop me from picturing the town in which the action occurs. Or is it even a town? Maybe it's a city or a walled castle.
3/7/2001 c1 Auguris
Mmmm... runeshine... DELISH!

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