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for Night Has Fallen

3/13/2009 c1 Icyfire4w5
Gosh, Joy is so lovely, I would like to meet her... Very poetic.
8/14/2006 c1 Mina Carlisle
At first, I thought that it was a weird utopian like society who welcomed natural disasters to destroy them every decade or so and the survivors rebuilt it in some weird representation of Darwinism. However, I like it much better that it's Spring coming then natural selection. The wording is gorgeous nad I love the repetition of the word "Joy" throughout the whole thing. And I'll wait until you finish the rewrite of Unregarded Truths to read it than.
7/25/2006 c1 22Lost in the Funhouse
Joy! Everytime the word was there I wanted to yell "Joy in oblivian!" I don't know why, but that's a good thing (:

There was something about this piece that had a subtle alternate reality-type feel... It looks strange when I say it, but I understand what I mean... Hmm... Anyway, I especially like how the whole piece builds up to the last line, which carries as "If everything were good, we would not know good- that's why there's bad." This is the good stuff. This is the stuff I missed.

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