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5/4/2014 c15 lrazorbladel
Well this is really random, but I was trawling through my old fictionpress account (which I'm too lazy to log into) and stumbled upon this in my favourites. Apparently my last review was 7 freaking years ago (?!) so I just thought I'd leave a message and say that Levi is definitely one of the best male characters I've ever read about. Good to know that he's been surfacing in your other stories and that he ended up with Donyelle... even if they did get divorced. Now I'm starting to babble so yup, this pointless message ends here. :D
6/18/2011 c15 knightdustlyo
This was a nice story, I liked it.
3/30/2010 c15 Duuude

This is the ending! :O

I didn't realize!

I just wanted an ending with Donyelle and Levi getting together!

But I suppose we can make up our own ending this way... In my ending, Donyelle and Levi get together and skip of into the sunset.


And I actually know someone called Levi, surprisingly enough. It's a nice name though.
3/7/2010 c15 3Duuude
This is lovely.



update soon.

11/2/2007 c15 9InspiredSpider
That's the end? No! You can't leave it like that...

It's a good cliffhanger though and it says enough. It's promising. I'm still holding out for Levi and Donyelle (fingerscrossed)

ANYWAY, I can't believe it's been like TEN years since I last reviewed you (since I've even been on this site probably) and I don't even know if you're still checking your reviews for this but if you are: HEY. HOW'S IT GOING. ARE YOU STILL STALKING ALEXIS BLEDEL.

lol. So anyway, I'll see you around. I'll check your profile to see what you're writing these days, big smile :-D ~spider~
10/26/2007 c15 6FalseReflections
i really liked it. is this complete by the way? because the filters say it is...
7/25/2007 c15 candlekitty
ohman! i nearly panicked when i saw the title, thinking that it was the last chapter. T.T Thank goodness it's just a cliffhanger...
7/24/2007 c15 bipedalcooney
Cliffhanger! Why? That makes me mad! You'd better update soon.

(aka, good chapter!)
7/24/2007 c15 14Confused Yellow Stallion
O_o Sorry... Now I feel like a pest. Nonetheless, another good chappie !

AWE ! ! ! ! !

I'm seeing strange crushie coming along ! ! !

Very cute, if I'm right.

Confused Whore... I mean... Stallion... .
7/24/2007 c15 9Midnight Strike
what? is that all so far?

is it complete?

i want to know what happens!

i like how he's nice, but not TOO nice. and how he's protective of his mother. it's a little scary the supposed similarity to his dad though. and donyelle is a fun character. same with heather. i don't like bianca though.
7/24/2007 c1 Midnight Strike
Hahahaha. I have to say this is quite clever. It's a fun parody of stereotypes but not in a mean way.

And the 'Ditto' part was really cute.

I'm going to keep on reading.
7/1/2007 c14 19lrazorbladel
i just reread this for the 3rd time and everytime, i laugh my ass off. UPDATE SOON!
6/17/2007 c14 bipedalcooney
Haha this was a great chapter! "I have genital herpes" LMAO I love that commercial. So what's gonna happen with Levi and Bianca? I love this story. Keep writing, I can't wait for the next bit!
6/16/2007 c14 9InspiredSpider
hey i'm on your well levi's side I liked gone in 60 seconds. the first five times my brothers made me watch it. i think i deserve some brownie points though i do prefer gangsta/crime/dramas movies the most (it's not a total lie okay)alright you got me just trying to fit in with the guys

so hey dude. hows life. long time no speak- you know this chapter was good actually i like that Bianca had to ask levi out first that was funny and also when he notices heather checking out donyelle i can imagine that happening lol oh yeah and levi's got some male rivalry in the house ey? well kind of. he's not the alpha male anymore. actually i don't really think he ever was... lol georgie's more of an alpha male- okay i've got a mission for you, (if you choose to accept) make levi more manly lol

alright i think i'm babbling a bit okay a lot (i'm a little bored. i'm supposed to be revising but blah whatever you know) okay gotta go until whenever ~spider~
6/15/2007 c14 14Confused Yellow Stallion
I was just about to cyber-yell at you for not adding chapters in... Pretty much forever.

This chapter rocked, but I was kind of still hoping Levi was gay, sad faces, so double-u tee eff? Are you gonna make him gay or what? ! ? ! ? ! ? ! ? !

Lol, I really love the genital herpes commercial.

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