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6/23/2007 c12 19jekodama
There is the evidence: You can find massive amounts of stupidity even in the farthest corner of the world.

Good lord, Kyla is such an imbecile! If I were there with them, I'm pretty sure I would have killed her by now. I would have probably help Steve to do it! She's a total RETARD!

Changing the subject, the kiss was OH SO SWEET! I'm glad you didn't drop this story, because I sincerely like it. There are some typos and minor spelling errors, but aside that, this was GREAT!

Until the next review!
6/10/2007 c11 3born2read
This story is so good!

I love it.

Hope you update soon i can't wait to see what happens next!
2/24/2007 c11 24DancingChaChaFruit
Hm. Seem to have missed that you ever posted this chapter, which is weird. Good thing I randomly decided to see if you'd updated.

I liked this chapter a lot. One of the best, if you want my personal opinion. Mia's a clever girl, isn't she? I would never have figured all that out. And even if Kyla wasn't that likeable a character, I really hope she isn't dead. Nobody deserves death, especially if they're innocent.

The seaplane thing is cool, though it's a bit confusing also. If Robert dropped off the supplies, that implies that he brought them there and then flew back, which would mean the plane wouldn't still be there... So yeah. I just didn't really get why the plane was there. Oh, of course there's the option that the guy who wrote the journal (can't remember his name) flew the plane there. Whatever. It's not too pressing an issue.

Anyway, I'm glad that you in fact did update, and I'm sorry this review is about a month and a half late. Better late then never, though, right?

Until the next review! =)
2/10/2007 c11 5hi-tanner85
I really really liked this. Read it all in one sitting. I'll review every chapter from here on out. Really good.
2/9/2007 c1 3Simfreak111
wow this story is GREAT! and i have just presented you with you 70th review! it is very interesting, you've got me hooked!
2/1/2007 c1 violingirl
nice! i really enjoyed reading it.

i can see a little bit of to kill a mockingbird-ness with the steve part, how they first assume corey killed him, and then they thought that he fell on his knife, etc.

i agree that things are moving a bit fast, though.

keep up the work!
1/27/2007 c11 nashgurl
hey everyone! it is i nashgurl, and i have returned!

well i just have to say how happy i am that someone has FINALLY updated. i had actally almost lost hope that this story would ever be completed. thank you so so much for posting this.

and now on to the review:


i do not think i saw the plane bit coming, i hope someone on the island is good with mechanics. now all they need to do is find steve's stash of food. and as for steve; good ridance i am very glad you killed him off i never really liked him at all.

what a happy chapter this is, at last a way out has been discovered! dont get corey and kyla together, we will all kill you.

thanks again for the update!

P.S. i see that idiot cauliflour is still here, fear not i will prevail!
1/21/2007 c11 3Un-Corked
You've got a nack for plot twists, my only complaint is that everything's happened so fast! I just wish it were longer so I'd have more time to enjoy it. anyway, I'll be looking for the next chapter
1/19/2007 c11 kayttea
-gasp-! you are alive! i wonder if we can say the same for those on your lil island! lol. im sorry you have writers block. i hope it dies soon!
1/19/2007 c11 Sky is Gray
I really enjoyed how you have taken fairly cliche subject matter and twisted it so that there's a deeper element to it. Mia is also a very relatable character. Good job with it so far, and good luck with that writer's block. Hopefully there'll be a new chapter soon. Keep up the good work.
1/18/2007 c11 3Ramada Paperweight
Ohmygod. this is amazing ! =] I've been reading it for a couple hours now. please update soon! (it reminded me of LOST at first, but now it's like.. so much better. Loll.)
12/30/2006 c1 atreyu love
12/24/2006 c1 2JOANNA. the One and Only
wow this story is very exciting so far... the descriptions of the storm and the ocean are great. and i also love how you put the link to pictures of the characters on your page, it was really cool and helps the reader visualize the story.
12/18/2006 c10 renworth
Wow. just wow.

i am certainly surprised. and releived. it's good that the threesome left can stop watching their backs.

so this is why folks, you dont threaten people with knives: you will come to a sticky end.

also, we now know what is going on between corey and mia! yay! i always knew they liked each other. and if you had gotten kyla and corey together i would have actually hacked into your computer and changed it!

update soon, they just have to get off the island!
12/16/2006 c1 9Aluminum Tinkerbell
A very intriuging first chapter! It was full of compelling hooks, and the cliff hanger at the end makes me want to read the next chapter as soon as possible!


"Like were not going to panic."

were should be we're (we are). Also, it seems a bit unrealistic that the lifeboat that Mia crawled into wouldn't have other people in it.

Other than that, though, you're first chapter's very fantastic. =)

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