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12/11/2012 c26 1Bookworm-At-Starbucks
I loved this chapter. When she said how you can only find this love in films and stuff, I had a flashback to that moment where she was reading and the guy got cancer. Cracked up and woke up half the house.
12/11/2012 c20 Bookworm-At-Starbucks
LOVE IT! Cried like a mother-f and I have the flu right now so there's more snot than usual! Gross but true. Love the soundtrack. Made it more intense.
12/11/2012 c6 Bookworm-At-Starbucks
I remember reading this story and liking it but I can never remember the ending. Did it end? If you haven't guessed, I'm rereading and I really like it. It's good. So please finish this story so these two characters will finally get married or something. Or maybe you did end it, but I don't remember. I have no idea. But I really love this story, so yeah. Just wanted to say that.
12/8/2012 c28 Rhea
I'm so gland that you're continuing this story, I've been obsessed with it for a year and I hate that it had stopped at scars for a while! this story got me crying again and I just feel so many things at the same time! thanks for this! please update soon:)
12/6/2012 c28 Briella
Hi! I just read this 28 chapters and I just felt the need to let you a feedback. Seriously this story got me crying so much that now my eyes are red. I feel so many emotions right now and I don't have the right words to express myself. But I got to say that I seriously LOVE your story! I love everything about it. The characters are so realistic (especially Cassidy) that it made me fall in love with them and feel empathy towards them. It feels like I'm the one suffering their pain and that's what I like in a story when I'm reading.
Congratulations on the success of the story. It's worth the reading and writing reviews ;-)
Also, please don't leave the plot like this cause things are getting very interesting :)

Hope to read you soon,
11/25/2012 c28 Veve
Wow first can i just say thank you so much for not forgetting about us i enjoy reading Brown Eyes so much and the thought of you never continuing it was horrifying. I had read Brown Eyes a long time back and when i saw you updated i reread it all over again and found myself loving it as much as i did the first time i read it, if not more. The way you developed your characters is brilliant, I for one am constantly finding myself LOL at how hilarious Cassidy is. From all the stories i have read on FictionPress Cassidy is by far one of my favorites. I don't think any female characters ever make me LOL considering that's usually the males role, but Cassidy's just something else. I also really love all the flashbacks Cassidy gets of when they were kids. I'm i wrong to sense a love-triangle evolving between Cassidy, Dante, and Rick? ..Gosh if there does end up a love-triangle between them i don't know who i would want Cassidy with cause i love both of the boys so much. I'm usually very easy on picking sides on love-triangles but this would be way to hard. Anyways thank you so much for such an amazing story and thank you for updating again. Can't wait for the next time you update, keep up the good work! :)
11/17/2012 c18 IAMCOOKIE
Aww. ;_; I cried. I'll have you know, your story has touched me. You talented person you. :')
11/7/2012 c28 Guest
I feel like this story has been going nowhere for a good 6 years. :-\ not even trying to be rude. Started reading this when I was 16.
10/29/2012 c28 2loveofallthatisawesome
It is obvious to me that although Dante had once loved Laurita, it is nowhere near how much he loved and continues to love Cassidy. He's jealous of how close she's getting to Rick because he still loves her and wants her to be his. I'm glad that you did this because to be honest, I myself feel betrayed that Dante was able to fall in love with someone else so shortly after his relationship with Cassidy, but I guess it was necessary for him. So now Dante is seeing how difficult that is, to see the person you love start to like someone else.

Hopefully, they'll resolve their issues soon. That is me subtly pushing you to write the next chapters :D I hadn't realized this wasn't complete, but now that I'm here and I've read all of this I really hope that you continue to write, and soon. I can't believe it'd been four years since you'd last updated, before this and the prior chapter, so I really hope you don't take as long because I really look forward to reading the rest of this story and seeing how the story of Cassidy and Dante plans out.
10/28/2012 c28 INDADD
I have a feeling that this will end sometime around Dante's mother's birthday. I'm excited yet at the same time I don't want this to end. :[
10/27/2012 c18 INDADD
In response to your author note, I believe it is necessary. Very, very necessary-I cried again D;
10/27/2012 c8 INDADD
Huh. I thought this happen later on. Huh. This is my second reading but I forgot this happen at this time. Huh.

I love this story. I really do. :]
10/25/2012 c28 2frostykitten
Wonderful story! I'm hoping to read more soon.

10/23/2012 c28 NothingMoreThanLife123
Update, update, update! Please?
10/22/2012 c27 NothingMoreThanLife123
They're ugh...so adorable. I can't stop smiling seriously.
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