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10/21/2012 c11 NothingMoreThanLife123
"Just drive"-translations, I want to kill you.
10/21/2012 c28 Guest
Is there a sequel?
10/21/2012 c10 NothingMoreThanLife123
I hate Rick- hate him. Don' . .

10/21/2012 c9 NothingMoreThanLife123
Rick. Yep, she was right. Well, shit.
10/21/2012 c8 NothingMoreThanLife123
Dante! 3 Ugh, I'm in love with him- officially.
10/21/2012 c7 NothingMoreThanLife123
Cat fights are weirdly entertaining, but you know, they can also be very dangerous.
10/21/2012 c6 NothingMoreThanLife123
Wow...so much passion. It's addicting, it truly is.
10/21/2012 c5 NothingMoreThanLife123
"My Belle"- I love the name, seriously. Can't wait to see why he calls he that.
10/21/2012 c4 NothingMoreThanLife123
I'm addicted and proud of it...Yep, you heard me.
10/21/2012 c3 NothingMoreThanLife123
Dante makes me laugh! :) Haha, you're a really good writer.
10/21/2012 c1 NothingMoreThanLife123
This story is great so far! :)
10/19/2012 c28 Avid-Reader
I was so happy when you updated! I'm hoping the end is soon because I cannot wait to know the ending. But please tell me it's a happy ending with Dante. Cannot wait for next chapter!
10/14/2012 c28 1AsianFlipGurl
I have just reread this story, and I am completely in love with this story as I was a few years ago. The way you spin your characters (although it sometimes can be very frustrating) is with such fluidity and makes sense in the end. As of now, and especially in the previous chapters of Brown Eyes, I can't put a label on Cassidy's and Dante's relationship. I don't think I ever will. And this elusiveness is what keeps driving me to reading this story; I seriously want to see the complete progression of their relationship. I really love this. Please continue this story, and spare your reviewers and followers some heartache because we really want to see this updated! Thank you for such a wonderful story (:
10/13/2012 c28 4ToBreakMyFall
UPDAAATEE! this is my first review- and definetly not my last
so get writing! (or typing..)
10/10/2012 c28 3junebird28
I can't help but not review to this. This story has me so emotionally invested. I've been spending any free time reading this when I should be studying. The characters you've created are so personable and honestly, I find myself smiling or laughing to myself when I'm reading this. It's really embarrassing to read in public :P. Your writing is something I am envious of. when others write long paragraphs, I tend to skip over them, but not with you. I hang off every word because it is so beautifully written. Judging on how long it takes for you to update, it's obvious that this is your passion and you're damn good at it. Keep up the amazing work and I look forward to reading the rest!
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