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6/13/2015 c14 Guest
Dammit now I just want Rick to get together with her to spite Dante. OH MY GAWD. DON'T BE A FUCKING IDIOT. SHE'S RIGHT THERE.

6/13/2015 c11 Guest
damn it, WHAT HAPPENED?!

I could hit Dante right now. OH MY GOD.
6/3/2015 c1 Guest
(Are you updating this this year btw? Btw are you not getting my texts? Or am I not geting yours? It'd be great if we could meet one of these days. mwah!)
5/22/2015 c1 Apology

I'm writing this to say sorry for writing an unnecessary comment on this story. It was from a "PissedOffReader" and basically me ranting on how you didn't care about the people who read this story, which isn't a fair claim.

Even if you don't care what a stranger has to say and I know I wrote that a long time ago, I still feel like I owe you an apology. Thank you for sharing novels/short stories on here for others to read.
5/1/2015 c31 peppermint tea leaves
Ahh I miss this story! So much.

I don't know if you saw my other review but too it's Sanjana. I created a new Facebook after the deleted one. It's been a long time, let's catch up ;u;
4/25/2015 c31 Crush
Theres going to be an epilogue... right?

Anyways, this one's a good read. Thank you. Your works are AWESOME xx
4/12/2015 c6 LizBiz2029
Wow- in my review for the last chapter, when I hoped that Dante and Cassidy would realize their true feelings- I didn't think that it would happen so fast. Huh. Well, yay anyway. :D Great chapter, very sweet. I loved it.

Stay true,
4/12/2015 c5 LizBiz2029
awwwww... The last moment was so sweet. 3 I'm a huge romantic at heart and that was just too cute... Huh. It looks like Dante liked Cassidy even when he was 16. The first part was hilarious- I tried to get a spoon to bend before too. Unfortunately, it didn't work.
Soooo- A love/hate relationship. I hope Dante and Cassidy will stop biting each others' heads off and realize their true feelings. Of course, that might be rather boring, so- drama please! XD
Anyway, great chapter/story/writing. I love your writing style and the flashbacks are pretty cool. (I love writing, so I can appreciate good writing when I see it.)

Be awesome,
3/25/2015 c31 SO
3/25/2015 c14 Guest
So, Dante likes Laurita and the girl?
12/29/2014 c31 3gyoung
Speechless. I love this story. Character development was just wow. I have to admit I liked the rebel Cass but her softie self is also an amazing character. I laughed with her, cried with her, felt ny heart break when she admitted to having suicidal thoughts. It all felt so real, because of how you describe things. You lost me for a moment because I believed Cass and Anderson would not end up together. Just, magnificent. Kudos to you :)
12/29/2014 c18 gyoung
The way the story is written is different, but a good different. In fact, it's refreshing. I want to continue reading because, apart from being confused, I want to know what happens; I have to know what happens.
12/28/2014 c2 gyoung
WOW! I can imagine everything perfectly. Specially, Cassidy's reaction to the book.
12/28/2014 c1 gyoung
Mmm, interesting beginning. I'm going to continue reading. Descriptions, excellent!
8/31/2014 c19 Guest
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