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10/7/2012 c28 16White Rose Blossom
Woo! I finally caught up! Read it all again from the start so that I could remember it accurately. I always forget how much I love this story. It's good to be back to reading it again. Can't wait to read more!
10/6/2012 c28 Saniaaa
i think most of my reviews follow the pattern of:
love, love, love it and please update soon...so won't break that tradition! ;)
10/2/2012 c28 4asheepiage
OMG! You need to update so I can read more of this amazing story! Update please :3 Keep up the great work :) asheepiage.
10/1/2012 c28 97elephantgirl
I absolutely love this story! I love the relationship between Cassidy and Dante and I can't wait for them to get together again. Please update soon!
9/30/2012 c28 5Car Crash Prettyxx
After receiving several emails telling me that new chapters were being added to this tale, I finally had the time to catch up on the fascinating drama that is Cassidy and Dante (putting off my homework in order to do so - though it was a welcome distraction). I must say this story is still just as thrilling now as it was when you started writing it. While I do wish that more had happened between the two of them by this point, watching their relationship jerk back and forth between almost being ready to be together & going back to square one is tantalizing to read. My only real complaint? I wish you'd have made Rick less likable. I am going to be heartbroken when Cass picks Dante in the end.

Keep it up! I can't wait to see how this works out.
9/28/2012 c28 2eslover
Great chapter! I will be waiting for the update, hopefully patiently :)
9/28/2012 c27 eslover
I knew sweat pants would not be suitable, duh Cassidy!

She seems willfully blind at times, this chapter is a perfect example. I mean I get that she's insecure, but Dante has hinted numerous times about how he feels!
9/28/2012 c25 eslover
I see what you mean about the 'drag', but I think it is necessary for these characters to take their time figuring out their relationship. There have maybe been a couple times where it seemed they were both being way too stubborn, but that was from a reader's perspective that was not privy at the time to exactly what had gone wrong, in retrospect it makes complete sense. I mean honestly with how long it took for them to try and make amends, and then how long it took for them to actually talk about what happened, they have hardly had time to process what each has revealed to each other. Until their talk prior to this chapter they had no solid idea of the other's point of view, it had all seemingly been a rehashing of all that had already been said between them. Then they had time to mull it over and this talk and any more that comes as a result of what was just shared is essential for them to move forward in any capacity. Don't worry, you are the author so it's your prerogative on how you want the story to develop. I just wanted to let you know that I agree with you letting it unfold more naturally!
9/28/2012 c23 eslover
Of COURSE Francesca is going to Spain as a Foreign Exchange student... Hmm... Who will be swapping with her, I wonder... Nice twist to throw in there. Oh boy!
9/26/2012 c12 eslover
I am getting more and more curious about the whole scenario, although I certainly have suspicions... I just realized I have not reviewed for a few chapters!
9/26/2012 c28 Guest
Finally! Updates! Love this story. So beautiful it causes me heartbreak
9/24/2012 c28 HoneyBuns
Holy. Crap. Amazing. I started this story this morning. Seeing as it was my day off I had a nice long list of stuff to do and unfortunately that list still exists cause all I did was read. And now I am begging you to finish. It's a wonderful story. It did, at times, feel slow but any faster and we wouldn't have gotten the full effect of their history. It needed to be built up. Any faster and I'm not sure I'd be so emotionally invested (I totally cried when she was taking about wanting to kill herself). I have a best friend that I've had since our moms were pregnant with us. He's 36 days older than me. We have pictures of our dads shaking hands, promising us to one another when we were babies. We've never been in love and I'm pretty sure we've never even had crushes on each other, it's always been an amazingly mutual friendship, but I couldn't imagine my life without him. When my BF of 5 years and I broke up it was his arms that I ran to. His house I sleep at when I need a friend. I absolutely love the relationship you've created in this story. Please post again soon and keep up the amazing writing.
9/24/2012 c28 Mazarine
hey :) I know I am only one in almost 4000 reviews but I couldn't read this story and not tell you how much I really loved it ;) I feel a connection to everyone in this story and I know your amazing writing skills are well used in this fantastic fic. thanks for the memories, past present and future.-maz
9/24/2012 c28 2Lindsay Hawk
I loved the last to updates. I'm very confused though...do Cassidy & Dante still want to be together? I'm really getting tired of their stubborness! Waiting for the next chapter :)
9/24/2012 c1 jumpingdolphins
WOW! thank you so much for the two chapter update. your story is amazing and i love love love your characters. haha, jealous dante is so fun to read. it looks like he's already got his mind set on a goal to do with cass? not sure though :P i love rick. he's the bomb! gosh, i would love to meet someone like him. loving the story so far. please please please please UPDATE soon!
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