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9/23/2012 c28 232nd

Two updates? I love you.
9/22/2012 c28 Silvia
Amazing as always! I seriously squealed with delight when 2 chapters :)
Keep it going girl
9/22/2012 c28 7AMessofPickles
God I could write ten pages just praising your writing and this story. I love EVERYTHING about this fantastic story! I love Dante's characteristics and Cassidy's wonderful thoughts and bantering. I love Rick (dang could I have him?) and Seth is such a sweetheart. You've portrayed everyone wonderfully and I'm looking forward to reading the rest of these brilliant chapters!

I cannot wait to see what else you have planned. My thoughts so far? Well I think that Rick is just flirting with Cassidy because he, Seth, and Amy have some elaborate plan that involves making Dante so annoyed that he'll have to just admit to Cassidy that he loves her. Thoughts on Laurita? Hmm...well. I don't know yet. I haven't formed much of an opinion on her because we haven't really seen too much of her...I just feel bad for the situation that she's in because it's awkward and emotional. I look forward to seeing Cassidy interacting with her :)

Can't wait for the next uopdate :D
9/22/2012 c28 32The Siege
LOL Dante's so obvious. :D I dunno why but I think I like Rick better...maybe because Dante somehow managed to fall in love with someone else when he claimed that Cassidy was like his soulmate and Cassidy was stuck being in love with the same guy for all this time. Where is the justice?! But Dante's cool too. Just not as cool as Rick. :P
I caught a few typo errors, I think, like a missing word here and there. You were probably just typing too fast or something.
Anyways, wow two chapters at once, this is such a treat! I was so ecstatic when I checked my email and, lo and behold, I saw TWO chapters for Brown Eyes newly posted! I can't wait for the next one! Update sooon
9/22/2012 c28 Guest
Double Update! Me likey!
9/22/2012 c28 Be-U-tiful
Wow amazing chapter! I live how Dante gets jealous :D update soon (:
9/22/2012 c28 debzxxx
Ahhh I'm so happy you updated TWO chapters too :) I feel like I've waited forever, thanks for updating though :) Fantastically written as usual. Can't wait to read more xx
9/15/2012 c26 Reena
Ahh at last I read till the latest chapter,I jus cant tell u how much of emotional pressure I'm feeling in my system fury sadness jus name it...well firstly Im really want you to give Dante's pov sometimes,I really feel sad for Cassidy coz if you fall in love like that I'm pretty sure u can't for the second time atleast that's what I believe and here Dante says he fell in love wid Laurita and then broke up n now she's back dammit you make everything so jumbled and feeling so tried I get too connected with the characters,I just want Cassidy to find happiness I prefer her wid her true love Dante but Rick is awesome for the update can't wait
P.s.-love u nd ur writing thanks:)
9/13/2012 c26 2JudasTree
Are you updating anytime soon? Please?
9/7/2012 c25 6imperfectlyokay
Holy shizz. I'll admit I freaked out when I saw that in ended there, and from reading authors notes I gathered that there have been breaks of YEARS between updates, but seeing that you last updated on the 30th of july was reassuring :')

Firstly, I love your characters. Cassidy is so vibrant because while she's a retard sometimes, she's sharp... And she actually intimidates people with her glare.

I also like what you've done with what would have been a horribly cliche plot. Laurita has been added to the mix! I have NO IDEA what's going to happen next, which is an awesome feeling.

I love how Dante is Spanish. That be smexy ;)

Anyway, sincerely hoping you update soon! Looooving it.
9/7/2012 c26 imperfectlyokay
Holy shizz. I'll admit I kind
9/6/2012 c26 Michelle
OMGOMGOMG. PLEASEPLESEPLEASE UPDATE! ILOVEYOURSTORYYYYYY. So Cassidy just cut herself and forgets about it? It never ever gets mentioned again? Cause cutting herself would be a very drastic thing and I don't think its the kind of thing you can just mention in passing. Just saying :)
8/29/2012 c26 leavemeialone
I read this story a very long time ago. But I decided to reread it again and I still have to say it is so amazing! I know you don't update very often, but I do hope that you one day finish this story. I absolutely love it. I think there are many reviewers that can say the same. I want to see my favorite with Belle and Dante get together or have some sort of resolution. I feel like this whole story leaves me so many emotions behind while reading this. I get so angry, happy, sad, etc. I just wish the two would make up, but it isn't so easy. I do love the other characters too. Rick is amazing, such a nice guy. She really needs him during this tough time of hers, even if it is platonic or not. I do kind of wish she would briefly get with him to see how Dante and Laurita's relationship was like. Even though I feel that Dante and Belle are lovers forever . . . I still want Belle to experience a different kind of relationship that Rick can bring. I honestly love Belle and Dante and I think they deserve to be together, but it seems so hard at this point. But I want my happy ending please. As a closet romantic, I want this story with the ending as close to a "happily ever after" as it can get in still a realistic way. Please update! I know a lot of readers would probably appreciate it. Thanks.
8/24/2012 c26 findinglove22
Can't wait til the next parts. You are amazing!
8/21/2012 c26 chameleonsoul
Brown Eyes is amazing :') It caused me to shed so many tears, update soon please!
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