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8/20/2006 c12 4bex17
GR! Tell me what happened between them! I command of thee. hehe. update soon!
8/20/2006 c12 39CynicalValentine98
Ooh, a moment. Anyways, great chapter. Update soon.
8/20/2006 c12 eatmysocks
I despise Dante. She's better off with Seth.
8/20/2006 c12 yonderwindow
nice, update soon! :)
8/20/2006 c12 1Twinkle Star Bell
lol. I loved this chapter. I like how you give little hints as to what happened to Cassidy and why she quit acting and I think I almost have most of the picture. Please update soon this story is awesome!
8/20/2006 c11 7BangBangYourDead
Your writing is AMAZING.

Im definitley going to keep reading your stuff.

LOL. Thanks for the review & telling me about the Grammar error.

8/19/2006 c11 18icequeen401
8/19/2006 c11 7daretobe-dIfFeRnT
ah, omgsh iv been dying to know what happened! r we gonna find out soon! lol i love Cassidy, she's funny and i cant help but like Dante, he seems like a really good guy. seems to me that Cassidy just doesnt want to admit that, but why! what did he do! update soon! oh and if u want, can u read my story too? only if u have time:D
8/19/2006 c1 6Ginne
me likes, i will continue to read this story at a time when i dont need to be making supper! :P

8/19/2006 c11 Lidiu
That asshole !How can he be so cruel to her she has done nothing wrong to him and he treats her like this!But the chapter was great !pls keep up the good work!
8/19/2006 c10 Lidiu
Great chapter!
8/19/2006 c9 Lidiu
This chapter is awesome!She is starting to feel something..!
8/19/2006 c8 Lidiu
His insults are really hurting her , but that makes the plot more captivating!update
8/19/2006 c7 Lidiu
She is pathetic!Oh he is such an egoistical ass!update
8/19/2006 c6 Lidiu
Like old times... what happend what did seth wanted to ask?
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