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8/20/2011 c18 tiltedHead
From what I've read so far,this story is BRIALLIANT!though u write it cliche,u write is witty n nice.Love it!=)
8/17/2011 c25 1kawaiixo
I'm new to this story and let me just say that I absolutely LOVE it :) Cassidy and Dante's relationship wants to make me laugh, but cry at the the same time! I can't wait to see what the future has instore for them...update soon please!
8/16/2011 c25 Julieell093
So good! As always but could you update more frequently! I love this story.
8/3/2011 c25 Anonymous
I don't think their relationship is dragging at all, actually. The only thing that's dragging is the updating, but I can't really blame you for that. Although, I'm seriously begging you to please, please, please, please update quickly. Anyway, their relationship's not dragging, and you're also developing the other relationships between characters, so Dante's parts (or lack thereof) are justified.

Love the characters, love the story, probably nothing you haven't heard before, but yeah.

Please update soon!
8/2/2011 c25 anna
so this is my first time reading your story and i wish i had found it early! i really love the depth your story has and cassidy is hilarious! i also really like how you arn't rushing their relationship. can't wait for more!
7/27/2011 c25 2katieee

Thats why I spent all night reading it.

Blah blash aiojdsguahewrgas

Im upset. Because its not finished.

But so so so so so happy that I get to see more of Dante and Cassidy.

I. Love. Them. So. Much. Holy balls.
7/18/2011 c25 wiee
awe man can they just kiss and make up already! LAURITA NEEDS TO GOOOOOO AWAY! update asap please :D
7/12/2011 c25 Cherish
I swear its like I can emotionally feel the ache and pain Cassidy feels. Its breaking my heart, literally. You're like a freaking Goddess! Your writing is just ugh, breaking my heart. In the best way possible of course! Now that I keep rereading Dante's relationship w/ that Laurita girl, its kinda reminding me of one of your oneshots in Lauritas pov. HAHA but since I'm on Cass' side forever, welll I don't want it to end the way it did in that oneshot LOL! Love you and your story 3 hope you're doing well too :) update soon pls! 3
7/8/2011 c25 2Kaleidoscope World
Update update update update update update update update update updaaate! I think you get what I mean? Yeah? ;D
7/8/2011 c14 witeaya
okay, until here i still dont understand why dante keep pursuing her if he is in love with laurita.

maybe i will, later on after all is revealed but right now i find that dante doesnt merely looking to patch the lost friendship with cassidy and he is sending her mixed signals.

something obviously wonderful and bad happened between them and for that i think it justified cassisy's bitchy attitude.

the story greatness is making me overly emotional.
7/3/2011 c25 10hydra-star1
This is a good story and you have great characters. It's good enough that it only took me 3 days to read the whole thing. But it does have some issues. You really need to proofread, for one. The story is riddled with misspellings and typos, the most common of which are things that spell check won't catch. You also have problems with things like switching tenses. In one sentence you'll be using past tense, and then in the next you're in the present tense. It's confusing.

You've mentioned in your ANs a few times that you realize the story is slow moving, and it is. I don't mind that it's slow, but it really feels like the characters have made barely any progress at all. Slow is one thing, static is another. Every time Cass and Dante talk to each other they seem to have the same conversation. If you want to keep the story slow, that's fine, but there needs to be some progress in each chapter. For the past 6 or 7 (since what ended their relationship came out) there's been none.

There's also a lot relationships between characters that you've been giving hints of development, but aren't really going anywhere. Cass' relationship with Rick, her relationships with Kari and Nicoletta, Amy's relationship with Nicoletta, Cass' relationship with Amy, Seth's relationship with Amy... You have a lot of loose threads and after 25 chapters none of them have made much progress. That's not to say none of them have made any at all (I'm enjoying how Cass and Kari have been interacting recently), but some have been painfully static (is anything going to happen with Seth's interest in Amy?).

That being said, I do love this story, and I don't want you to think that I don't. It is, over all, well written and interesting. I adore your characters. All of them are interesting and well developed, and I think that is your greatest strength as a writer. Even though the story is slow, your characters keep us interested in it.

I hope you don't mind my criticisms. I don't want to be mean. I'm trying to help, and I don't mean to insult you or make you think that you aren't a good writer. Again, I love the story and look foreword to seeing more.
7/2/2011 c25 Zaina Anastacia
I love this story a lot, and I love Dante endlessly. The part where she explains about her suicide seems so REAL. I just can't explain how, but Dante seems like the perfect misunderstood protagonist. I do like the pace thy are going at, but I would like it more if I knew what happened next...so that was a subtle hint that I would enjoy a continuation of this story ;)


6/25/2011 c1 Anon
Hi, I would just like to point out that it is "pushed past me" and not "pushed passed me" and also the same goes to other instances during this chapter. Sorry, it's just really bothering when I'm reading the story. :)
6/25/2011 c25 cwoooong
It's been almost a year since I last read this story and when I saw the updated chapter, I was surprised and I had forgotten the plot and the interest I held for this story. However, rereading made me realize how artistically amazing you are in incorporating emotional depth to the characters. The references to their past relationship continue to draw tears from my eyes and are increased by the reveal of trauma and coping the characters undergo, especially Cassidy.

Although there is a drag, the development produced from Cassidy and Dante's reconnection through their past makes the story realistic and very gripping. It would be great if you were able to produce another update soon (a month would be lovely :)), however it is understandable that depth and creativity is best ripe with time. :) Keep going and I am most definitely excited for the story's progress.
6/24/2011 c25 silviaxvivalavida
Thank you for updating. I enjoy watching Dante and Cassie's relationship unfold and figuring out their past. As much as I love this story I think it is time for you to start reconnecting them. I love how you haven't rushed things, but also it seems to be dragged sometimes. I wonder if maybe in the next chapter Dante's Laurita will make an apperance? Or flashbacks of his time with her?
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