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7/4/2014 c31 Grespitchied
Shit I thought It. Wasn't finished yet! I was about to freak out! Good read. I was very interested by the maturity of their relatio ship. It's one I haven't encountered through all the stories I've read.
7/4/2014 c18 Grespitchied
That conversation was so intense WOWERzzzzz
6/30/2014 c6 PoshKimberlee
This story is confusing . You said they stop being friends at 10 then he moved and she forgot about him and never saw him again . Then you do a flash back of them at 16 and he's saying she's his belle. Then she ask him was there someone else and did he love her like they where in a relationship when you never mention any romance .
6/22/2014 c31 ConeGriffin
This story is so mushy. But I still like it D
Although at the start I was mostly wondering about what the hell was going on?!
But I caught on... eventually.

Love the way you wrote it. Love the story. Love the characters (Cassidy the most).
Waiting for the epilogue!

6/15/2014 c20 Summer
I honestly loved the story till now and i'm sure i'll it love further. But this confuses me. Dante and Cassidy broke up because they LOVED TOO MUCH? First of all is this even possible? And why on earth will you part if you love someone? This bit of the story I dont understand. Loved too much? How could this possibly destroy you?
6/6/2014 c31 Junnin
I suddenly missed Sydney/Oliver and Dante/Cassidy, so I reread your stories all again (at the expense of my eyes staring too long at the computer oh gosh), and then i saw "yes there will be an epilogue" so... UPDATE SOON PLEASE:D:D really love the things you write!
4/13/2014 c1 PissedOffReader
You know this story is great, it really is. I love your writing, the characters, the tone. Pretty much the entire story. I've read this over, well, three times. Ever since a few years ago. I was patient with you, but now? I find it kind of bullshit how it takes you months and months for one damn update. I'm waiting for one epilogue and the last time you updated was in September? Wow. I know you have a life and are busy, but come on. Anyway, I really love this story. I just hate your lack of updating.

It must be nice to not give a damn about your readers, especially the ones who've been reading ever since the beginning. But again, no worries. It's not like you care, just as long as we comment and praise this story. I'm sure you won't even read this comment, so I pretty much wasted my time with this. Just like I wasted hours and hours reading a story over 100, 000 words.

4/11/2014 c31 Urfavgirl
I love this story but I feel bad for rick cause I was starting to ship Cassidy and Rick. He seems like someone she could've used to get over Dante. Btw I love the name Dante lol.
3/18/2014 c31 Be-U-tiful
Oh my goodness I had no idea you updated this last chapter in September because I never got the email! I feel betrayed honestly haha anyways I'm so glad they're finally together! Great chapter (:
3/6/2014 c31 Tleblanc9
Do you have any idea when the epilogue will be finished?
3/2/2014 c31 Ystarr
Oh thank god. I felt like I was holding my breath this entire time, keeping my fingers crossed. It was a beautiful story and I can't wait for the epilogue!
3/2/2014 c26 Ystarr
Seeing Laurita show up killed me. I'm so anxious to finish this story to make sure that they end up together
3/2/2014 c22 Ystarr
I accidentally pressed the enter button so my review got submitted early lol...

As I was saying, this buildup is slow and slightly driving me crazy but if they end up together and happy, it'll all be worth it:)
3/2/2014 c22 Ystarr
FictionPress won't let me login-_- argh. But onto the actual review...
Gosh, my heart aches for them. Here, they have this epic, epic love that most people could only dream about and they skirt around each other, living in constant fear and hesitation.

I feel for Cassidy. She didn't have that special someone in her life after the accident and for Dante to love/loved Laurita, it hurts.

This slow buildup is sriv
1/30/2014 c31 MusicGurl8129
Phew. I'm so Happy that they're together! I really want an Epilogue! It would be cool if Kari & Cassidy were Best Friends, I dunno wouldn't it?
I loved you're Story!
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