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6/12/2011 c25 anonymous
This is amazing. :) I like that you don't rush it but at the same time i'm going crazy waiting for the next chapter. :) :)
6/11/2011 c25 d0rkifi3d
please tell me they end up together -_- dante and cassidy that is. I read this story a long time ago. As in a couple years. before you're revision. Then you revised it and I only recently caught up. This chapter had me bawling =_+ I need some hope at the end of the tunnel to continue. ahhh I dont know. Just wanted to say i really appreciate this update.
6/11/2011 c25 1matchutea

that was absolutely amazing.

I felt the emotions that both Cassidy and Dante were going through.

It made me so sad!

Seth and Amy.. Ohlalaa! xo

Its been a long time since I read this story.

And I gotta say, your absolutely one of my favourite authors!

You describe like no other,

Make me want to take on the role of Cassidy, and experience what she is experiencing.

The sad thing is, I forgot which guy I thought was going to end up with Cassidy.

Rick is super playboy-ish, teasing, loving type one of the best character traits to read about.

Dante is super sweet, and caring, and totally emotional, another great character to read about.

So, no yelling coming from me! Only great comments!

You do an amazingly, brilliant, breathtaking, makes-me-speechless job. Thank you so much for updating!

6/11/2011 c25 heartinhand


aaaahhh! this story is brilliant; beautifully crafted, inspiring, original and so full of emotions. It is both heartbreaking and heartwarming! nyah! it makes me feel giddy inside in all the sweet moments, and 'nose-to-computer-screen' in all the intense parts. I seriously love this story, normally I don't read romances but this just captured my attention. seriously. i've bugged all my friends to read it, and they LOVE it too. I just wish i had some of your magnificent writing skills. :P You're my kind of author.

well, anyways... on to the chapter. I love how Dante and Cassidy are really talking to each other now, and also the scenes with Rick in it. Sean and Amy are adorable. The hug, the conversation, Laurita and Dante crying at the end made me cry out. my heart goes out to them. I can only imagine that Cassidy would consider suicide - but man, Dante's reaction after finding out says that he really can't live without her. Their emotions are captured really well, and it's so easy to relate to them!

waaahhh! I love Dante and Cassidy! thanks for posting up this chapter, it really made my day. It was bittersweet but absolutely PERFECT.

I can't wait for the next one, so please update soon, yeah? take your time, 'cos i'm not pressuring you... or anything.. right :P

And to all readers who are confused by Laurita and Dante, I think - Dante still absolutely loves Cassidy - she's the one who holds his heart. Dante loves Laurita as well. But Cassidy is his ultimate love, his soulmate ( very corny, i know, don't throw any books at me ). and even if they don't end straight away of Cassidy goes out with Rick they will still probably end up together in the end. "they are meant to be."

well, wow! what a long review. well hope you update real soon! thankyou!
6/11/2011 c25 RealDreams
OMG, YOU'RE BACK. THIS STORY IS BACK! I loved it 3 I can't believe Cass considered suicide :(( My heart aches for her, b/c Dante fell in love with somebody else! It's making me what her to fall in love w/ someone to even out the field, haha! So maybe you know...Rick...? (; HAHAH. I'm glad her and Dante kinda officially talked but I can't wait for more! LOVED IT! I wonder what Cassidy is planning to do w/ Kari, haha! BUT I REALLY wanna see what you do w/ Rick & Cassidy, or her w/ any guy for that matter, and esp. wanna see Dante's reaction :DDDD HAHA. Well I know you're busy w/ life and all but I really hope you update soon 3 I'll even send you cake pops if you do! HAHAHA. K bye, love the story & you! Update soon (:
6/11/2011 c25 MelisaMassacre
This is one of the best chapters I have read in ages!
6/11/2011 c25 Contemporary.Jane
Shiiiit, this chapter has got me thinking that maybe Dante and Cassidy weren't meant to be? I don't know, but maybe Rick is better for her because he doesn't carry all the baggage/history Dante carries with her. Like I said, I don't know, but I reallyreally want Dante and Cassidy to end up together!
6/11/2011 c25 findinglove22
great story i cant wait til the next chapters to come :)
6/11/2011 c25 mihaela
love it, please update again soon
6/11/2011 c25 4scattered-strings
I don't care if it takes forever. Progress is development. Good relationship needs a lot of progress of there will be a lot of complications.

Though I love how Dante was. there is finally confrontation which is good. I am so curious about Laurita, though...
6/11/2011 c25 Reader 2.4.4
Okay no expletives, maybe a slight lecture... But nevertheless I like the back and forth between Cassidy and Seth, it sounds exactly how I argue with my friends. The last bit was deep, but it gave a little insight which I enjoyed. The story is pretty awesome, just saying.
6/10/2011 c25 Theta
This was so beautiful, Cassidy is so strong, you made me cry
6/10/2011 c25 3hopeless-flame

regardless of how "cliche" everything might turn out to be. pain is pain, and it can be felt by everyone. especially when it involves something so strong like a breaking of a heart.

i hope dearly that regardless of the fear, pain, and ache they've been through, i hope cassidy and dante end up together:) i hope they give each other and their-selves another chance!

anyways, thanks for the update. it made my night! aiieeee~
6/10/2011 c1 1DofD
The beginning sounds nice. I'm slightly confused.
6/10/2011 c25 1xoxtina46xox
I'm not sure how I feel about Cass with Rick, but i do enjoy Rick's presence. He deserves some happiness and love for sure. The whole confession between her and Dante definitely struck a chord and I pretty much was left in tears too. great chapter, I really love your story :)
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