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12/13/2010 c24 1Midnight113
Awesome chapter, thanks for updating!
12/13/2010 c24 angel
wow. you are amazing.

I actually really like Kari. she's a cool character.
12/13/2010 c24 9j.c-chic

12/13/2010 c24 ess3sandra
i did noot see that one coming. kari needs to get her ass kicked, preferably by a girl!
12/12/2010 c24 1sweven
Wow. Keri's a bitch. Someone steam roll her. I already told you my critique for this chapter so I'm going to just say that it was nice. I liked the ending, of course.
12/12/2010 c24 WishBlade
YOU UPDATED! YAY! Hahaha, I've been checking up on this story pretty much every day, so I'm quite excited =] And the chapter was amazing! Can't wait for more! =D
12/12/2010 c24 1AsianFlipGurl
Awh, damn, this story is just getting me so tense. I just love/hate the tension between Cassidy and Dante but I just want it to be FIXED already, you know? And Spain Exchange Program... I feel that something's going to happen...something BAD.

Kari's a bitch. But I really want to know why she hates Cassidy so much...

12/12/2010 c24 efderf
uerhdf THAANK YOU! holy crap. haha. This made my day so far.

Dante and Cassidy... they're getting on my nerves yet I love them so much and they're so cute. BUT I WISH THEY'D JUST HAVE A REAL TALK AND THEN THEY'D LIKE.. KISS.. OR SOMETHING.. *dreaming away*

and dang Kari is a biotch.

love it.

please don't take so long to update again!
12/12/2010 c24 sappyromancelvr
Hooray for new chapter. Can't wait for the next. no pressure. :)
12/12/2010 c24 Guest
Kari = bitch

A very bad one in fact. Argh

I mean, Cass was a bitch some times too, but you can just tell whether someone's being a "nice halfway" bitch and the other type that Kari is. The "Fully, assively, irritating, ruthless" bitch. :)
12/12/2010 c24 2xxjoceyuxx
Ah I am really curious as to why Kari hates her so much. And that part with Dante,I dunno if things are going to get better between them and they're going to fall in love again or if she's going to start datin Rick and if that girl is coming from Spain is she and Dante going to get back together? Ahah can't wai for the next update!
12/3/2010 c23 larafrancesca
I love it, please up date soon! And I do think there is hope for their happieness so thank you.

Thank you also for sharing your treasures, you write well and I love your use of 'Gosh' =)

x ~lara~ x
12/3/2010 c11 larafrancesca
Gr this is a great story but it's seriously frustraiting!

What went wrong! (Well apart from the betrayal thing)

I really hope there's going to be a happy ending, have you actually finished it or is there still more to go? Either way I hope it ends ok! They don't deserve more heartache.

Well, I guess I'll have to continue reading to find out, after doing my hw of course :)

x ~lara~ x
11/30/2010 c1 pittsteeler
I loved it and I really like how you're prolonging the story, because it wouldn't be as realistic or good. Can't wait for the next chapter!
11/27/2010 c23 redambrosia
Ah! I spent like two hours reading your story, eyes glued to my laptop with tears streaming down my face because it's so wonderfully heartbreaking, and then when I hit the next button, there is none! Please update soon!
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