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7/25/2013 c1 Guest
Wow...what a past they had. Dark, but also sweet in a way. Hmm, this is going to cause a lot of drama between them too, though.

Great prologue; one of the best I've ever read.
7/22/2013 c30 rugvbkh799
I've read this before, and even though I actually liked "Baby I'm Not Finished" a little more, this was a great story as well. The characterisation is great, and I find it to be a wonderfully brilliant story. Also, I'd like to thank you for your review reply, it makes me happen when people take their time answering reviews.
7/16/2013 c1 1twiinklex
This story is as intense as their relationship... I got so overwhelmed that I cried at several parts. Really powerful writing! Can't wait for the final chapter wow!
7/14/2013 c25 Awaiting Midnight
I love how they can just talk to each other about what happened. It really expresses their bond.
7/12/2013 c30 1WYMamataro
I kept feeling some of my heartbeats get heavier and stronger and before I knew it, I got a flow blown heart attack! (well, not really but close enough!) Because of the long updates, I forget about this story so I'm always stuck rereading it but trust me when I say I don't mind at all. I'm so happy they got over their past and are finally confessing! I cannot wait for the finale!
7/12/2013 c30 Guest
oh my i absolutely love this so much you dont understand, this is brilliant! can't wait to find out how the Nicolletta problem resolves itself
7/12/2013 c30 Rose5936
This story is absolutely anazing! Please please please update SOON!
7/6/2013 c30 2insoliloquy
Well damn, that was definitely not what I expected. It was definitely more than a little painful to read at times, but you balanced it out well with periods of optimism (although it also made me want to pull my hair out). I really like how introspective Cassidy was, and how she had to figure things out for herself, and it wasn't a knight in shining armor kind of situation. Besides, a strong female character is always a good thing! Anyways, to sum this ridiculously sappy review up, this is a beautiful story and it made my heart hurt in so many ways. Can't wait to see the conclusion of Dante and Cassidy's story :)
7/6/2013 c30 INDADD
Hello! I was wondering if you would ever make one shots with the other characters? Their thoughts and the like. Oh heck, something like their first encounter with Cassidy and then their present opinion of her. I think that would be interesting.
7/4/2013 c30 7AMessofPickles
God I freakin love this story. It's one of the best love/hate stories I've come across and I'm completely in love with all of the characters. I can't wait for the next coming chapter(s)!
6/26/2013 c30 The Moving Christmas Tree
Wow this is awesome. All characters are interesting and I just can't stop reading.
6/26/2013 c30 7KateMichelle54
Words cannot express how much I ADORE this story. I really cannot WAIT for the story to end(wait, that came out wrong) No, but I love your style of writing, and I can rlate to the charecters. Just... WOW! This flowed so naturally in their relationship, and it was never cliche'.
PLEASE update soon, and I'll keep reading.
Love love LOVE the story, and that's really all I can say.
Except, Laurita's a poser bitch who I hate. GREAT charecter developement there, because I didn't feel forced to hate her, and Cass tried not to.
Death to all things preventing updates,
(I promise Im not as insane as this sounds)
Your new story stalker.
6/19/2013 c30 2JudasTree
When's the next update?! I can't wait!
6/10/2013 c1 cassiealan34
6/8/2013 c30 Qorest
Finally! Oh, but Rick is so cute. Maybe u can write about him next time?
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