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6/2/2013 c30 Guest
cant wait for the next chapter! love you writing and this story)
6/2/2013 c30 3MonicaAlveen
I can NOT wait until the next chapter! Wonderful! Absolutely wonderful(:
5/31/2013 c30 2MuffinsRoxSox
I haven't really had the time to get caught up with your stories with all the school work and testing, but now that it's over (almost) I have plenty of time to get caught up. :)

YAY! They finally admitted that they still love each other. :) took them long enough. Seriously.

What I really liked (and hated at times) is that you didn't rush their relationship. Getting over stuff like that takes time. A lot of it, and it can be extremely frustrating and painful, and I really like how you were able to capture that.

Kari... I'm not sure what to feel about Kari. On one hand, I do like her because she does seem like a strong person, but on the other hand, she's a bitch. But even bitchy people can be fun. :)
5/31/2013 c30 1DuchessYappingDog
I wonder why Dante's mom is horrified that Cassidy and Dante are kissing. I mean... maybe a little embarrassed that she caught them kissing, but horrified is a strong word. I mean, both of his parents knew that they liked each other and were together back in Spain, so I don't know what the problem is now. Is Laurita over at their house? Is Dante and Laurita back together again? Are Dante and Cassidy actually blood siblings? Sigh. Well, I'm looking forward to the next chapter to figure out why Dante's mom is reacting negatively to Dante and Cassidy's together-ness.
5/30/2013 c30 4ToBreakMyFall
5/29/2013 c30 NothingMoreThanLife123
Holy shit! Holy...I cannot believe what I just read.

They kissed...About time. Seriously. I was waiting for that for the longest time.

I re-read this for you. I made account because of this story-can't remember the password, though. I think I've read this story three times now. And just so you know, i don't usually read novels more than once. They have to be really good. So that shows you something.

Cassidy and Dante have something a lot of people long for, and that they got it at such a young age is what some people would die for. I want them together. I don't care about Rick. He's nice and all, but...go away. Haha. He's just not Dante. And that chick, she needs to go back to Spain where she belongs. I don't care if she's nice. I don't care if she's beautiful. I don't care.

Cassidy and Dante will always be it.

This is so amazing. I seriously have no complaints. I cannot believe I love this story so much. It became an obsession the first time I read it, and addiction the second time, and now I can't live without it. Haha, clearly I'm dramatic. One more chapter...I'm ready for it to end, but will be so sad at the same time. You have no idea how attached some get to your story. Please update. Please. I beg of you. I can't wait to see how this ends...hopefully, I'm praying, they get their happy ending. They deserve it.

I think I'm your biggest fan, though you seem to have quite a lot of fans.



I beg of you. 3

Your writing is fucking awesome!
5/29/2013 c29 NothingMoreThanLife123
Wow...intense. I actually can't believe that happened. Sigh...I'm in love with this story.
5/28/2013 c30 2eslover
Yay! Haven't been on here for awhile, so glad to have read this update!
5/27/2013 c30 luckyclover
I think the song Stay, by Rihanna and Mikky Ekko suit this perfectly! Please update soon!
5/27/2013 c30 Guest
I think the song Stay, by Rihanna and Mikky Ekko suit this perfectly! Aw, Cass and Dante are my favorite couple ever! Please update soon!
5/27/2013 c30 alittlekid
5/27/2013 c30 irawratchildren
About time they made up! :D Please update this soon, I absolutely cannot wait to find out what happens next!

Also, I think the song Guarded, by Kevin Daniels is a great soundtrack to this story. watch?vpLLtFOY5zvs
5/25/2013 c30 2RainbowHeart
OHMYFREAKINGGOD! So I don't usually read stories that aren't finished.. Just because I get too emotionally attached and DIE when it takes so long for the author to upload again. So I randomly found this last night and I swear I have picked up my phone every second I could to read more! I'm so happy I decided to read it!

I'm usually a picky reader too and end up not finishing stories due to bad Grammer or spellings or even the story lines but this IM SLIGHTLY OBSESSED WITH! I know it's not finished but this story is probably in my top 3 on fiction press!

Okay now just a quick note on how much I WANT DANTE! Can you just like put a random girl in the story called Cathy (my name) and have her completely in love with him! Like hey she's obsessed with you! Ahaha cause it's so tre! Or else just send him straight to my life? K thaaanks lol

Also THANKYOU for your originality! The story between Cassidy and Dante could have so easily fallen into a typical cliche but you've really made it your own! Like I get excited about this story thinking about it!

Okay think my review is long enough! PLEASE post soon! Ill love you forever
Cathy aka RainbowHeart aka Dante's new stalker xoxoxox
5/24/2013 c30 Saniaaa
OMG omg omg! they kissed - cue squeal! feel like i've been waiting for this moment forever! so mad that my finals means i only just read this.
But as always, you delivered! so sad that its ending soon but want cass and dante to have their happy ever after cause they sure as hell deserve. boy, you really know how to put your characters in the wringer!
Also, thanking so much for replying to my last review! that was so sweet of you. And trust me, reading this to the end was no problem despite the delays. It's an amazing story and i'm glad you didn't give up on it. Your story is the only reason I'm still on this site haa.
So psyched for the last chapter! :)
5/24/2013 c30 6Tetsone fuu
I almost cried! I'm so happy!
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