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5/23/2013 c27 6Tetsone fuu
cute. third time reading this chapter and it still gets me misty eyed. also was i the only one who thought of the matrix when cassidy said "Excellent Idea, Mr. Anderson." ?
5/23/2013 c30 FeatherfooD
But why is Aunt Claire almost horrified? I feel like I've forgotten a lot of this story. I'll have to go back and re-read it once you finish.
5/22/2013 c30 daresa09
I was rooting for Ricky boy (sigh) . Ugh , I lie . I actually rooted for Dante . But only because Julie said that the women in their family (usually) only fall in love once . And it would be extremely shitty if Cassidy couldn't fall completely in love with someone else (coughcoughrickcoughcoughkingsleycoughcough) because she never retrieved her heart from her first love . Not saying that Dante wouldn't be the same , but he already fell in love with someone else ! While Cassidy had to rely on herself ! I think that's what really irritates me about their situation , even if it was Cassidy's doing ... No one was there for her when she needed someone . She wanted to die while he was slowly coming alive . It's ... Ugh . I don't know .
5/22/2013 c29 daresa09
Don't know what to feel about this chapter . Can't really blame Laurita ; Dante needed someone . I mean , Cassidy thought they should hate each other . And she fought him so hard . I don't blame Laurita .
5/22/2013 c28 daresa09
Rick or Dante .. Rick or Dante .. Rick or Dante .. I really like Rick . I want her to be with Rick . Just because I want her to fall in love again , just like Dante did . But I want things to work out with her and Dante . But I like Rick a lot more ...
5/22/2013 c26 daresa09
I love Seth and Amy !
5/22/2013 c25 daresa09
Don't shoot me ... I might be bipolar ... But I actually want things to work out between them _
5/22/2013 c24 daresa09
Kari is such a bitch . Seriously ? Sounds like Cassidy was trying to make amends with everyone she's fought with , and freaking KARI- UGH . I was starting to like her a little bit more because I thought she was nicer than Nicoletta . But clearly both of them are on the same asshole wavelength .
5/22/2013 c20 daresa09
Oh my god . I. Am. So. Mad. And sad . And ugh , I understand now ._. I think I'm more mad that Cassidy had to rely on herself to heal while Dante had Laurita . Which is only increasing my hope that Rick and Cassidy happen .
5/22/2013 c30 4asheepiage
I really love this story, like you have no idea 3
Update soon please!
5/22/2013 c18 daresa09
... They got into an accident . For some reason I'm interpreting this as "they beat the hell out of each other" since she said she couldn't take care of him .
5/22/2013 c17 daresa09
5/22/2013 c16 daresa09
I know Cassidy and Dante are meant to be ... But I like Rick much better ...
5/21/2013 c15 daresa09
oooooh ... hehehe ..,

Oh my god ... I really hope he didn't fall in love with Laurita ...

Ugh . This story toys with my feeling too much -_-
5/21/2013 c14 daresa09
I am ... Three kinds of confused .. I hope I find out what happened to them soon , because the both of them are pissing me off soooooo bad .
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