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for Tsubasa Reverse

7/27/2006 c1 2miss understanding
I like your style. It's descriptive without tacking on a whole lot of pointless details that aren't important. You maintain a delicate balance here, which I like.

Dialogue flows smoothly, and matches with the characters' rank and upbringing. Although, so far they all appear to be upper-class and educated, so I suppose I'll have to reevaluate after I see some peasants talk. ^_~

I like the names, too. I, personally, am quite bad at making up names. Felimgrad sticks out and you can tell it's completely original.

Well, ciao for now!

7/24/2006 c1 3Adaku
Hm...well this is better than mine, that's for sure. Your made up names are really cool-nice work. Keep up the great work. Till next time

7/23/2006 c1 8incandescente
i loved the surprise ending at the end. just who was the stranger? hope to know of it soon. :) however, do take note of juxtapositions in your writing; how can the soldiers' voices be clear when they're weeping? wouldn't their voices crack or something? do continue writing! :)
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