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for Where Am I Going?

9/9/2001 c1 Ali
That was really great...though v. depressing...though i suppose i woz warned!
5/6/2001 c1 15Xilmin Nerrar
... you wrote poetry... since when did you write poetry?... YOU'VE CONFUSED ME! and you know, since I liked that so much (and the scary thing is, it seems familiar... I can't drive... hee hee, me driving! FUN!), I'm going to steal it for my webpage. Of course I know you don't mind so don't mind me! Does that make any sense? Probably not... Oh well... I'm done with my rambling ramble... leaving now...
3/13/2001 c1 1Starkiller
wot a nightmare...but trust me, I've had worse! That was really well written, rini-chan! Great work!

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