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3/19/2001 c1 aa
that seemed as if the ending was rushed way...way..to fast and jenni was a frakin phsyco man...! the stori its self wuz aight... but i think that u had ALOT of grammaer mistakes...did nt u proofread?
3/14/2001 c1 Little Elmo
I luv it! So much blood and gore. I think I had a great time reading it. Keep writing.
3/7/2001 c1 francine
ok its pretty good. a lil corny because it doesnt sound much like a horror story.. but its good
3/7/2001 c1 UNC GIRL
Hey not bad! I like it alot. You must be into the gorry stuff huh? I cant tell (sarcastic) anywayz, i like it keep up the good work chicka!
3/7/2001 c1 sdpsjdfoishdfioeklwnfsdoufjsdf
Um...this is not horror. It sucks. I think you need a b-reader and I don't want to be it.
3/6/2001 c1 Owlsong Inc
you are such a dork KK ^_~ but good all the same - Kiwi
3/5/2001 c1 john
DAMN GOOD! i haven't read it yet but hell its gotta be good if kirsten wrote it. i luv ya

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