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for What A Guy

8/2/2006 c1 219S Noelle Long
i like this. it's not overwhelmingly obscure; in fact, i think it's a universal feeling every girl has at one point or another. there's just always that one guy who is, like you said, "such a guy."

the only criticism i have is that it's a tad long (i have the same problem). there could probably be some reduction to make it more eye-catching.

otherwise, you've done a wonderful job.

also, thank you for the review.
8/2/2006 c1 11CrayolaWords
cute with a lingering hint of sadness. "not out of love or lust,only for the sake of having you"That had to be my favorite line out of it. No real critiscism from me, I liked it. Not the best thing ever, but still nice.

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