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2/17/2008 c1 25three.word.lies
i'm really intrigued by this, i love the music store, the long neck, and the tip toes

i read some of chocolate candies-i liked the summary and i really wanted to get into it, but honestly, i just couldn't.

but i love your idea of the group of stories
2/17/2008 c2 pennypassenger
It is a cute and good story. Could use a little more editing but you get your ppoint across. Good workd!
8/11/2006 c1 Just Me
this was so long. I loved it! I hate those 10-word one shots. it usually seems like there's something missing there. plot holes and what not. you did a good job! Noelle sounds so pretty. I kind of imagine her with the ashlee simpson face with new nose but with black and straight hair. and Davin is a total hottie, but more indie in my mind.
8/2/2006 c1 1leslienicolespeaks
hey, Mika, my girl! I'm not dead. Whatever. New story! Cute. It's taken you forever to finish this. I like Davin. Can I have him for Kid's Day? Please? Pretty Please with a Cherry on top? Oh, fine, let Noelle have him. How about Jarrett then? By the way, I love your characters' names. They're so pretty. And I totally catch the references to famous philosopers - Frederick and Engels. And was Turner because of ''Pirates of the Caribbean''? I dig it too. Finish writing more stories. Soon. And post them. You're good. Bye.
8/2/2006 c1 1marti10
A really long chapter with a lot of detail. I like it. It's interesting, and the descriptions are fabulous! Nice work!

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