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8/13/2007 c1 14D.M. Ralte
Whoa. Nice! Little twist in the ending there. Simple. Coy. Effective.
9/23/2006 c1 16The Melancholy Cocoa Bean
O haunting. The last stanza completely threw me, I didn't expect it at all. The loss is so bitter, yet done so beautifully. Here I would quote my favourite line but I love the whole piece equalily.

Keep it up! :D
9/13/2006 c1 19Rhea Valente
Wow. Me likies! Lots! Even though its sad, and painful.. and twisted.. tis great writing, as usual! :D
8/19/2006 c1 44Joshua Hartman
First of all, I appreciate your review. Second, this is really powerful as well. It almost gives you hope in the end. Like she wouldn't break him twice. How funny that often works out, right?
8/14/2006 c1 92q is for quirks
They tell you to keep your friends close, but that's just ironic...great work. awesome details, and you could sort of tell from the beginning that there was something off about the person being described. nice poem.
8/6/2006 c1 elliegator
And I... die. I like it even though I don't know what you are talking about...*sighs* Oh well. I never claimed to be quick on the uptake!

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