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for Life in 3 lines

4/19/2008 c1 16One-Hand Clap
I think if you hadn't italicized 'forgetting' and put it in brackets, it would've looked better. I've come to understand that people use different fontfaces to try to create more meaning but, honestly, it's not needed! Just a plain, auestere, simplistic 'Forgetting.' would've sufficed. Also, the commas on the end of the stanzas are unneeded, I feel.
3/24/2008 c1 1somelilgirl
i have some sort of feeling that I'm gonna love this piece...
12/26/2007 c14 26the big crunch
i really love the format and

background of it
12/13/2007 c13 612simpleplan13
I like this a lot too.. I can relate to ths one also.. very bittersweet
12/13/2007 c11 simpleplan13
I love this piece.. I can totally relate
12/13/2007 c9 simpleplan13
interesting and awesome description.. love the anyway at the end
12/13/2007 c8 simpleplan13
mm chocolate eyes.. great last line
12/13/2007 c6 simpleplan13
I love that middle line.. breathing in romance and out disillusionment is awesome
12/13/2007 c5 simpleplan13
very bittersweet.. I really love hte middle line
12/13/2007 c4 simpleplan13
very sweet... I like the format and repetition in the first line
12/13/2007 c3 simpleplan13
love that last line
12/13/2007 c2 simpleplan13
I like that last line.. I wasnt expecting it.. nice job
12/13/2007 c1 simpleplan13
I love the phrase "perfect spiral of disarray" beautiful piece
12/4/2007 c1 54wishing.on.echoes
I believe I've read at least one of these elsewhere.

8/8/2007 c13 Tytherpol
i really like the thought behind them.

cinderella and Curvatures were my favorites.

nice job. :) -ty.
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