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1/7/2007 c2 TheTrueBlue41728
Interesting how you change the spelling of his name from Domenic to Dominic and back again.

But this fairy sounds beautiful. And feminine. And sexy! Hah.
1/7/2007 c2 8nostalgicEXPLOSION
Pretty, pretty, pretty chappie.

Do continue, yes?

Although I noticed that Domenic's name is spelled Domenic and then Dominic... yeah. Just wanted to point that out.

Anyway, update whenever you can!
1/7/2007 c2 2Talerce
You update this story out of the blue a day before I return to fictionpress. How delightfully convenient!

The start of the chapter was a bit rough, like you had to get back in your style, but it picked up nicely after that. Although the whole Fairy Guardian guy seems to obviously be the guy she ends up with, it doesn't sound too bad.

And the explaination for the whole situation...It works very well. Update faster, dammit.
1/6/2007 c2 14Sinnocently
Please continue; I am looking forward to the next chapters. =]
1/6/2007 c2 Nessya
lol. Great catch! Great idea and amazing story! Hey, do you know that the music "Be my escape" by Relient, comes really well with the end of this chapter? ;p Guess not...update soon

1/6/2007 c2 cheeky
hehe very amusing story, althought domenic changed his personality real quick at the end tho! newhoo loving it and hope theres more
9/22/2006 c1 1Soul Tea
Amazing! This story is so oringinal, I think I love you.

Just kidding. It really is great, though, and I'd love to hear more.
9/2/2006 c1 Nitya
Hey! This sounds awesome so far.

lol. mr.hottie-with-a-body isn't so social dear. and if he didn't have such a big nose...
8/26/2006 c1 DarkZera
Good one =]

But you know... Rawr =] Just keep on with the good job..

We don't have any classes together.. T.T
8/20/2006 c1 Slander By Osmosis
I'm totally in love with it already! ^_^ Not in love as in I want to smooch it...but you know, it sounds like a GREAT story and very unique. Your idea of all of the Disney princesses' descendents and how they were MEANT to be is quite, to put it frankly, awesome. It also helps that I've been running through all my favorite Disney princess movies recently. ^_^ Please update soon!

- Lithely
8/17/2006 c1 lolsq
wierd outlook on the futures of the princesses in DISNEY!, but I like it. We know she loves her god parent, or whatever, but then he should turn out to be her cousin or something. Scratch that, and don't ever ask me to write a story
8/17/2006 c1 2Talerce
An original story that still uses characters and semi-settings from classic Disney movies? Cool. A whole genetic system detailing how they look and usually act? Makes sense. An independant sounding main character narrating how she isn't like the rest of her family and wants something different in life that she isn't supposed to want? Hmm...

By all accounts stories like this should be written off as cliche'd bits of someone who is trying out their first fanfic. But I like this one. It manages to stay fresh feeling, despite how much it seems like thousands of stories of its type. Write some more, see where it takes you. I think that if you can go into actual character interaction, it could really make this story stand out nicely.
8/16/2006 c1 24DecayedDreams
I love it. The idea and the way you wrote it. If I had to rate the creativity I would give you 10 stars out of 10.Add more soon.

Could you read and review my story? I would greatly appreciate it.

8/16/2006 c1 2tiger-lily9240
omg! i love this chapt so far! pls pls pls update ! it sounds realy interesting and i love the whole princesses lineage thingy! yr awesome!update soon!
8/15/2006 c1 12Never After
I like it. You have given some character to the Disney "classics", if you will, and made it into something workable, believable, more interesting. I am a big fan of the Grimm's fairy tales, so to see a change from the Disney prototype-princess is wonderful. Don't let this idea fade away, it is a wonderful hook into a promising story. I can't wait for more.NeverAfter
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