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3/15/2009 c21 Teddy




12/13/2007 c28 Elizabeth07
Let me tell you first.. When I first starting reading this, I had no idea this was a sequel.. But, I could not stop reading when I found out that it was, I was too hooked! You're a rather great writer for someone your age. I was only writing up to fifty pages, and that was when I was a senior in high school!.. But, I do digress.. This story is wonderful. It has humor, tears, and an awesome ending. It is definitely something that could be published one day, when it is polished, of course.
9/20/2007 c28 2Silly-girl15
ah, the joys of High School. :) Love the storie! Cant wait to read more
8/29/2007 c28 5christinaxxyo
Aw :( I wanted to see Kree fight that Brookes girl. :P

Great job, I totally loved this story. :D
8/29/2007 c15 christinaxxyo
I'm surprised Jennica is still walking and breathing. I thought she would be in critical condition or something. (or at least hoping...) :P
8/29/2007 c6 christinaxxyo
Damn. :P How could she say HOWIE? xD
8/29/2007 c3 christinaxxyo
Is James coming to school with her or something? :D:D:D
8/29/2007 c2 christinaxxyo
I love how much love the gang's got for Jared. :D
8/29/2007 c1 christinaxxyo
I like how you made her move on a bit in the story. I can't wait to see James and the gang again. :D
7/16/2007 c24 Kimmeh
I'm at chapter 24 now, and I wanted to say that this book reminded me 5 sec. ago of the movie 'mean girls' Lol, I don't know, gay friend, tomboyish friend, bitchy girl,prom, the confession..But, I like it though [: and only this chapter reminded me of it [:
7/3/2007 c28 92q is for quirks
*Applause* Yay! That was such an incredibly awesome and perfect ending. And Howie's right, Kree and June are definite war freaks, but that's not necessarily a bad thing (cuz it makes life more interesting). :D I loved the ending, it was hilarious. "Okay, Brookes, it's playtime." That's such a perfect ending for this. I can't wait to read your next story! Sorry I took so long to review this last chapter; you updated while I was out of the country... ^^'' Anyways, GREAT JOB! Chat later!
7/2/2007 c28 21Faith Adeline
lol the ending made me laugh. It left things hanging but it also wrapped things up nicely in case you decide not to add on to these. Keep up the good work!

7/1/2007 c28 Charlene
Nah... There is no "the baby being born scene"... Noo.. I'm attached to this story! Wait, I just found it yesterday's night, and all the chapters from the prequel to this one! And no! NO! NO! And why am I saying no? I don't know! I don't want the story to end and I don't want to.. NO.. I want to have been one of the reviewers from chapter one from "Even in Death" and yeah! I want a last scene with Jay! Sequel?PWEASzSee! Plus, I would like to see Sarah and June together...

Nevermind.. that was the crazy part of my mind.. Now, to being formal and civilized, I love thr story. I love the characters. And I love the author. See, I love everything related to the story! Wait, I was supposed to be civilized. Ahem ,yes, you are a great writer and this story is great.. And yeah.. there ws something more I wanted to say but I forgot it! ... Yes, I remembered! It is that I can relate to this story, especially to Kree.. and I'll shut up now! Bye!
6/30/2007 c28 xjennnny
hi. i love ur story. :] r u planning to do a sequel to the sequel? if u r I'LL READ IT! :] LATER. :D
6/24/2007 c28 silkstar

gosh, woman, that didn't take you forever. Did I forget something or did we ever find out why Drew and Sarah(?) were fighting when they got in the crash? Or was it some subtle allusion that I never figured out?

we! The ending is so cute!
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