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2/1/2007 c25 6swoas
i'm definitly not complaining about u updating so fast. i can't wait to see what happens in the next chapter
2/1/2007 c25 greenfoundation
Aww! This is good! update soon!

Oh yeah ... Freaky, there's a Nick (Nicolas) Ashby in my class..

2/1/2007 c25 19Hydie

Good grief...poor Leanna
2/1/2007 c25 xonea
when is it ever going to come to the first chapter? since its finishing already..

just wondering! =D
2/1/2007 c25 1whateva123
update soon.
1/31/2007 c24 6swoas
second on the review list! woo hoo i'm moving up! lol thanx for the quick update and I really like this chapter. it tyed up a lot of loose ends and the cliff hanger at the end wasn't 2 bad. great chapter keep up the awesome writing
1/31/2007 c24 xonea
its been a while since i've reviewed, huh?

sorry abt that, but i've been really busy with schoolwork and stuff..

anyway, i've got to see a bit more of josh...and i can't believe the story is going to finish soon..

just a few more chapters..

and then, no more Branden!

1/30/2007 c24 4Right or Ryn
This is far-fetched, drama-filled, and angsty, but I love it.

Couldn't resist taking a shot at Bush, eh?
1/29/2007 c23 19Hydie
such an INTERESTING story! Good work!
1/26/2007 c23 6swoas
great chapter. i'm glad to see more of josh and to know wat the good news it. why doesn't she mention that she heard it from them 2? didn't they tell her that's wat they were going to do?
1/25/2007 c22 Ying2FA

J'ai vu quelques erreur dans ton francais^^ Je fais pas ca pour t'embeter mais bon!

Comme c'est a une fille qu'il parle on dit plutot "chérie" et ta phrase meme si elle a un sens ne se dit pas vraiment mais bon c'est pas tres grave...

Ensuite: "Je marche." et non pas "marchant"...ca n'existe pas désolé...

Et enfin, au départ il se tutoyait alors ca ne serait pas plutot: "Explique toi Leanna."

^^ enfin voila.

keep writng i like your story!


Bisous from Fontainebleau
1/18/2007 c22 3DorKiyki
i've finally managed to read your storie. it's really great. sure the character seem fake and all, but nothing in real life is perfect, but stories seem to make them all perfect right? Meehh...i'm not going to say much, i have a huge headache -_-" anyways it really makes me wonder how you manage time to write stories...hm...i don't know probably write during art class when you get a sudden sperge (can't spell but you get what i mean)of inspiration XD. well continue on mon amie...or is it ma amie? lol i don't know! Tata
1/7/2007 c22 xCharxD
I love, Love, Love this story, I adore it. Continue. Quick. :)

-clicks on all of the little boxes-
1/6/2007 c22 6swoas
plz update quickly and thanx for bringing adam back into the picture.
1/5/2007 c5 Fellow Reviewer
I honestly want to read this, I think it's a nice story, but wow! The story is just so amateur. The popular guys certainly don't sound popular. And Leanna is now British too? She just gets better and better don't she.

I'm sorry but this needs work or some BETA-ing.
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