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12/1/2006 c20 1whateva123
that was a nice romantic chapter.update soon.
11/30/2006 c20 xonea
aw...that was so sweett..the whole thing...so sweet and romanticc..

i like this chapter, i really do!

and yes, it does rocks to be on the list!

11/30/2006 c20 5unrequitedx

i'm on the list #5! WOO. ;D

omg, i wish i had someone like brenden. :)
11/22/2006 c19 ANS
this is really cute...update soon
11/21/2006 c19 xonea
great chapter!
11/21/2006 c19 6swoas
Lol I still absolutely love the story. I love that Harmony is coming out more. Plz keep on writing. I promise I'll review!
11/21/2006 c10 swoas
I've been reading your story and it's really wonderful. The way you have the two different views is close to genius, it's not just the same story though both views are show at every part. Each makes its own impression. I also greatly admire the way that you are able to bring up hints and slowly let the information leak out with out being obvious like the writing; you had to wait to see what it said. There are some things that seem like you could guess & I'm not positive because you hardly ever can be but I really think that she's that rock star. Also I'm sry to end this on a bit of a bad note but I wanted to let you know that back in the first or second chapter when Adam and her speak in spanish you need to switch the last two words of both the sentences. The adjetive comes after.
11/6/2006 c18 1whateva123
the chapter n the whole was simply superb.updtae soon.
11/5/2006 c18 xonea
cute chapter!

oh and abt the first chapter, you told me that i'm going to understand what the chapter is all about in the end..but i've got to ask, is she going to leave Braden or sumthing? because it looks like it in the first chapter! i'm just curious, that's all.

11/4/2006 c2 46Lavender L. C
I like where this is going.
11/4/2006 c18 5unrequitedx
This chapter was so hot.. :D
10/25/2006 c17 3jenesoispas
um okayy see what happens when you dont send me the word document? you make all sorts of mistakes like "yatch" and "tomaTOES" lol and umm just a lil thing the part where she's laughing its taken ABACK not taken back =) umm yeahh other than that i dont remember if any of it needs a bit of fixing up lol but pretty interesting chapter maybe a bit longer would've been good liek 1 page? lol that would be good for regular chapter length =) uh what else... oh yeahh btw i just noticed when reading the first lil part before the linebreak that it sounds alot like you! LOL i was reading it mentally right? and it was a male voice inside my head, but then it changed into your voice and face cause the words sounded so much like what you would say! lol it was pretty fuunny :D anyways yep yepp good chapter hilly billy (btw who's rukia?) AND you took my advice! =D (bittersweetie?)
10/24/2006 c17 8Zenosknight
Gasp 0.o, more chapters 0.o

anyways, great to hear from ye once more, even though more pressing matters occupy most of yer time. Great to know that some people realize that males + cooking = disaster and understand that factor, others just say: You Suck 0.o and end of story.

great additions, keep the flow of words coming, and eat balanced meals =P
10/24/2006 c17 5unrequitedx
OH man, Brenden & Leanna/Harmony are so cute.


I'm looking forward to the next chapter!

I just hope LEanna doesn't drown. :S
10/23/2006 c2 UbiquityEssence
totally in love with this.
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