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3/17/2015 c1 7Shadow Smith1
Very interesting! I really want to know what Davie is now. Still a witch/Changling? Or now a witch/werewolf hybrid?
8/25/2008 c7 Nocturnal-Fire
So, i don't mean to nag, but is there even a slightest chance that you will finish this story? I don't care how long it takes i just wants some glimmer of hope that i will one day read how this one ends. I love so many characters in this one and the plot so far is so original that i can't bring myself to give up on it just yet. Anyways, good lucks in everything!
3/20/2008 c8 blackrose214
Great story so far. I absolutely adore Davie. That guy`s relly funny. And the plot is interesting/thrilin and original as well. Keep up the great work and update soon, please! :D
1/28/2007 c8 1terriestal-angell
This is really really really confusing. Hopefully you can clear things up about what exactly is going on? A little timeline or something, coz I really do not know when something is happening and where it is. And stuff like that. Please and thank you. If not for that, I think I would be immensely enjoying your story.
11/22/2006 c8 10afk
Fun chapter! i luv barrock! i want him1! will be waiting for next chap! XD
10/21/2006 c8 Nocturnal-Fire
Nice! So, next chapter Davie will meet Rio? Did I guess right? Anywho, loved the chapter and am all excited to find out more about the whole Seer deal.
10/12/2006 c8 bambi4real
I like hearing the story from the other points of views but I think it would be more understandable if you indicated at the beginning of the ch who the speaker was, because I know I get bogged down with trying to figure out who is speaking and can barely pay attention to the rest of the story. Then when I figure out the speaker I have to go back and reread it just for it to make sense now that I have some sort of context to place the events.
10/11/2006 c7 25Esquirella
Man am I confused! But I liked it!
10/11/2006 c6 Esquirella
Race leader? COOL! My lips are sealed!
10/8/2006 c7 10afk
i agree rio is funny and he has a very bad attention spam hahaha but i liked liked this chapter XD
9/26/2006 c6 afk
cute chapter! i like rio he sounds so adorable! XD update updayte!
9/25/2006 c6 Nocturnal-Fire
Reading this chapter was the best thing that happened to me all day. I was grinning like an idiot the whole time reading, I think the term “giddy” could have been applied to me during that time as well. Anywho, Yey to new kickass characters, especially Ari, love the bastard! (I mean bastard in a good way =) ) As per usual – sweet chapter, would pay for more.
9/10/2006 c5 1Cute Little Mongoose
horrible horrible ending! i do love davie as a puppy tho! i love puppys!
9/10/2006 c4 Cute Little Mongoose
i'm so confussed! i don't under stand this chapter at all. i'm so lost.
9/10/2006 c3 Cute Little Mongoose
omg i love Rini! she was my favorite salar moon charecter!
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