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2/22/2019 c27 Eucatastrophe9
Loved this story.
2/25/2012 c27 Kings daughter
Hi, this is a wonderful story :)

[I'm actually from fanfiction, so thats why I'm not logged in]

So yeah, I really like that this has a spiritual significance, though I'd kind of hoped it had more.

I got baptised today :3
1/14/2011 c27 10Jerusalem2045
once again well written, you definitely have a talent!
1/14/2011 c16 Jerusalem2045
This is so well written! You've got mystery, a bit of romance and humour all rolled up in a neat package. keep it up!
12/29/2008 c27 2kirstenb.0319
I have to first start by telling you that I didn't want to read the books in the spirritual section because they're usually mushy and unrealistic. Your story, however, is filled with so much love and mystery that it makes the Christianity part fit in well with the plot.

The way you made Melissa realize God and all he can do was amazing to me. Your writing style is amazing and I seriously urge you to have this story published. I loved every second of it becausse it was suspenseful, dramatic, romantic, and Christian-all things that I enjoy in a good story. You did an awesome job and again, please see what you can do about getting this story published somewhere. It is truly an inspiration and I must tell you that I have been touched by it. I have some things going on in my life right now that are not exactly the greatest, but the words of Scott and the paster that you used to get your message across really made me look deeper into my problems and my faith. I have been falling out with God a little because I was angry with him for giving my best friend's mom with cancer or for making me blind, but your story has made me stop and consider a lot of things I had never looked at before. There is always something that comes out of a problem or a tragedy and it takes the strong believers to pull through and see what God has to teach us.

Thank you for opening this up to me because I had not considered these things before reading your story. You are a great author and I hope you write more stories.
6/1/2007 c27 MeiLeeCalifornia
Yay, I like happy endings! Very good story :D
6/1/2007 c26 MeiLeeCalifornia
Wow, action packed, well written! Though, I have just a tiny question/clarification, how did the military know that Melissa/Scott were good guys in the brawl if the president wasn't a part of this moment and incapacitated with his wife's body? Sorry, very very small point, but it crossed my mind. In light of your entire chapter, very good! hehehe, onto next!
5/31/2007 c19 MeiLeeCalifornia
Oh, poisonous trees, very creative.
5/30/2007 c10 MeiLeeCalifornia
I like the lunch between them, it builds the relationship nicely.
5/30/2007 c9 MeiLeeCalifornia
Yay, Scott! I like him, and the painting scene is very vividly detailed.
5/30/2007 c8 MeiLeeCalifornia
Lol, digging in with hands while cooking... braver than me, than again I can't cook...
5/30/2007 c7 MeiLeeCalifornia
I like Scott, hopefully he's staying a good guy right?
5/30/2007 c6 MeiLeeCalifornia
Pfsh, nice family...
5/30/2007 c5 MeiLeeCalifornia
Oh, bad guy. Gr. lol.

Hey, if you have moment, would like to know what you think of my story, "This Adventure Called Love..." :D
5/30/2007 c4 MeiLeeCalifornia
Hm, the part with the mom makes it very interesting. I like how you didn't give away too much info too soon.
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