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for Masquerade

4/10/2010 c1 Simple and Sweet
awe that was simply adorable.

very well written

though i wish i knew what damon's character was...m

kudos =)
11/3/2007 c1 7LadyLush
wow this was a cute story lol but what did damon come as? that bit confused me lol

great story

9/12/2007 c1 3phelps112
hey no fair who was he? i mean what was his costume?
5/23/2007 c1 AnswerKey
great story.

absolutely loved it.

but i'm still curious, who's Damon and what was he dressed as?
9/17/2006 c1 4Imalefty
so what was he in the end? it's such a beautiful story - the descriptions you give of the setting and the costumes are lively and vivid. i love the whole dance and your characters have such personality. wonderful story!

thank you for reviewing my story.


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