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2/27/2008 c2 32Star the Foxhound
Very interesting, I will be looking forward to seeing where this goes in later chapters.
7/8/2007 c2 10Paper.stars141
^_^ This is really good..you gotta update soon =3 Please?
12/21/2006 c2 16Long Island Iced Tea
This reads a lot like a poem.
12/21/2006 c1 Long Island Iced Tea
11/9/2006 c1 5Heatless Flame
Please continue. This is really intrigueing, and nice answer to the email. Good foreshadowing as well.
10/23/2006 c2 4MissXOX
Haha. Its quite alot of writing. Lol anyways i like your descriptive words. You know i suck at putting descriptive words... Sounds like there are lots of feelings in this story. Keep on writin! =]
10/23/2006 c1 MissXOX
Interesting... Hahaha it was short xD Wonder what the mail was about. Hey whos the characters? Hehe nice beginning =) Thanks for reviewing mines! XD
8/19/2006 c1 39EmoAssassin
Nice beginning! It is so true about e-mails! Im really interested in where this story will go, many paths it can take! Thanks for the advertising BTW! Im so touched, heh. And really Perfection is a great topic to work off of!
8/19/2006 c1 1ayame28
This is a very interesting start! I am curious how it turns out, too. One thing I often wonder about is whether "evil" really is necessary for humans to understand "good." I'm really interested to see what you have to write about it! :D
8/18/2006 c1 4Sakka-Fenikkusu
Well, that's compelling. I'm definitely tempted to read more. You're on my faves now.

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