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for Captain Jack

11/6/2006 c1 330in a jar pk
i really love your work...your imagery paints a picture in my head, and it stays with me all day. i really look forward to reading more. x
9/15/2006 c1 36contrast and friction
I really love your format - it's so unique, but it's always so effective and it always adds an extra element of power to your writing.

"There are no photos of my self esteem; there’s no reinvention for pleasant weather" - This line is just perfect, love the image you've created.

I love the subtlety, but beautiful complexity of your rhyme scheme, and I love love love the emotion you convey through your powerful & abstract metaphors.

Absolutely genius piece.
8/19/2006 c1 hey maria
That's interesting. I usually think that bolds and underlines detract from the power of a poem, but not in this case. Somehow you managed to pull it off. This poem is full of intricate metaphors and flawless rhymes - you put it together beautifully. Great job; I really think you have talent.
8/19/2006 c1 13rayefire1990
wow. very neat lol. i like it in its weirdness. does this have some kind of inside joke? lol. if you want i've got some crap that you might like on fictionpress if you want to check it out, but n e way nicepoem pretty neat-o lol

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