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for Blood Brother

11/19/2008 c1 Mascara is evil
This was really good. Short and seemingly simple but it has a lot of emotional connections to it whether good or bad so it becomes super-charged. I wanna feel sorry for Lila because she says "all too suddenly"but at the same time I it seems almost as if she or has resigned herself to what she feels is her fate. It reminds me of Spellbound by Emily Bronte. One small, anal suggestion take out the second semi-colon after his weight and just put a comma. I think it would work better. And for "all too suddenly" should it be too or to? Just wondering. anyway I really liked this piece.
4/17/2008 c1 84persephone in waiting
To say that I liked this poem would be an improper use of grammar or language, or whatever. To say this poem impacted me would be perfect on my part. It's chilling, as are several of your other poems; warps the mind, ensnares the senses, and is a topic that meddles in what is considered taboo in society [if even spoken about]. I think that is why some of the other reviewers found the poem to be "ew," as they so classically phrased it. I think, if you find a poem displeasing, save yourself the trouble of reviewing it and the poet the trouble of reading such comments. This poem was well-written and well-expressed, and if it is true [or was, seeing as this was written in '06], I wish you well.. get away from him soon as possible. Blood only runs deeps as your veins.
10/2/2007 c1 3Loveless Breath
I like it. If you're not too wierd with SLASH (male x male) you should definetly read "A Whispering of Fate"
5/20/2007 c1 The Waves
Really cool
11/30/2006 c1 158outruntheavalanche
I think I liked this. I like the diction.
10/27/2006 c1 grossed out
...ew. sorry.
8/20/2006 c1 12KingdomRain
Er- ew... im sorry but the whole image of someone doin thier brother is gross, but thats just me. its still a good poem but the brother thing... arg... i think i would just like it if it was a boyfriend you were letting do that to the person and not a brother... good poem, good imagery.
8/20/2006 c1 463All Alone With Her Thoughts
So wrong. That's just me...

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