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for Desperation

11/4/2007 c1 219Matthew James Current
I see this as one of those poems which would make perfect sense if I knew the backstory. As it is, it seems like it's more one of those poems you wrote for yourself. Still I can see your style coming through clearly in this piece.
9/24/2006 c1 612simpleplan13
I like this too.. the ending is well done and hte whole putting periods in after some letters was very cool
8/21/2006 c1 5TheNewUnderground
am completely in love with the last stanza, but for the life of me can't get past the punctuation in the first.
8/20/2006 c1 90poetic abortion
Love it.

So much.

Just, beautiful.

~* Noelle
8/20/2006 c1 29diffident
From the first "i'm so, ever so sorry" the mood and voice seems to change a little. Very beautiful though. The change seems suitable. Very intriguing. I'm not sure what meaning the period in "und.erstand", "con.templation-", and "res.peration" add, but that's fine. Didn't take away from the read at all.

8/20/2006 c1 Lady-Liberty-AndMe
I didn't even understand what this was about and I still liked it. It got the point across without telling the story. Nice job.

On a different subject, I just posted a story, and I'd relly appreciate it if you could maybe r/r.
8/20/2006 c1 12eighteen hundred
I like this. I like the words and the inbetween words and everything. Mexico without doubt.

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