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10/18/2012 c11 8Mell8
I don't suppose you're going to ever finish this story or the rest of the series? It's all very well written and your characterizations are brilliant. It just isn't fun to stop halfway!
5/30/2009 c11 Narcoleptic86
Not a fan of Joy; still miss Terry.
5/26/2008 c11 2Mademoiselle Rouge
Every single time i read you stuff i'm amazed by how much i love it.

Brett and Michael are my ALL TIME favorite characters on fictionpress, seriously. I love how real they are.
5/1/2008 c11 Feel The Waltz
I will never cease to love this couple! I liked Ben too :)
7/13/2007 c11 2mia5081
Is that the end of Brett and Mikey? I mean not the end, but the end of the story and we can try and predict that they stay together for the rest of their lives arguing about little things because that's who they are, but overall they love each other? Lol, I'm getting waay into this, but you created pretty much a whole world of characters and I want them to be happy =)

12/22/2006 c11 1merrymowmow
I was wondering when you're going to update.
11/7/2006 c11 2Jowaco
Generally I don't like using this word in reviews, but for this story I must: this is so cute! *shivers* There I said the *looks around nervously* 'C' word!

Can't wait to read more from you!
11/5/2006 c11 m
How am I supposed to sleep when you do this to me *headdesk* Okay, I need to go, you are wonderful, et cetera. You have me addicted again.

11/1/2006 c11 32eldrin
Very sweet. This chapter leaves me with a smile. Great work.
11/1/2006 c11 green
My heart lept up when I saw that you had updated. Brett is so funny. It's a good thing Teagon is coming back. Will this be a happy story with a happy ending for everybody?
11/1/2006 c11 25Esquirella
Yes, he should! Brett is hot and sexy and loving! He may be pigheaded sometimes, but he's loyal to the core.
11/1/2006 c11 10afk
I whimper pathetically. ‘You should also love me because I’m hot and sexy and loving.’

just loved it!
11/1/2006 c11 Sundown
aw. A nice, warm, fluffy little chapter. Well written as always love...It's so strange seeing Jamie move on from Terry, but equally as enthralling. xx
11/1/2006 c11 L. A. Solvang
I love Brett and Michael's relationship - because it's so inperfect. And even if some relationships don't got all the problems they do; they're wonderful example of a couple who are happy together, yet have to work for it a little. I'm cheering them on, so hopefully it'll last, despite the bumps in the road. :D

And with so many different people under one roof; I'm really curious to how Brett will cope with it all. The "not cool at all Dad" got a challenge up ahead.
10/31/2006 c11 Kasee Lara
This chapter was fairly light, I liked it. :)

The final scene was really sweet, it made me smile. It just shows some of the ordinary day to day happiness that Brett and Mikey have. Though...should we be worried about Mikey?

Can't wait to hear about Ben's date. :P
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