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10/5/2006 c9 10afk
i feel bad for mike, because he did puyt allot of effort into teagan, and well he shouldn't balme brett though i know he relly doens't mean it that way... i hope you update! nic echap! Xd
10/5/2006 c9 25Esquirella
see? You know you miss Damon! LOL!

This was a great look at Brett's family side. Even if he did push Mikey away again, you could see the love there.
10/4/2006 c9 19diebyownhands
I feel bacd for michael, it must be terrible having to give up a kid knowing they probably will end up harmed. I really hope everything turns out well for teagan.
9/28/2006 c8 Kasee Lara
Ahh Brett's insecurites. They make him so loveable.

I didn't even think that Ben might be cutting himself! Brett really has no idea and reading from his point of view makes you realise how. And Ben seems so calm, but obviously, he shouldn't be (and isn't). I'm looking forward to learning more about his character. Maybe even a seperate story from his point of view? (Hint, hint.) He seems like a funny kid when he's relaxed.

'Handcuff me and come with me'

Will Brett be visiting the psychiatrist?

Hmm, Michael's whining about kids. Not impressed... But, I still love him.

Ben overhearing was a great move, it keeps the story flowing. In the other stories, you'd always hear what the foster care people thought of Brett, but the kids never felt the same way. With Ben, it's different, and I like it. :)
9/27/2006 c8 3BabyKeepItSurreal
Maybe Brett should handcuff Ben and take him to a psychiatrist...that would be entertaining. I'm glad they're back on good terms, but now Michael looks like the bad guy...ah well. Brett should probably take away all sharp objects from Bens possession...
9/27/2006 c8 10afk
it's a bit hard to imagine Ben hahha, ut i'm doing my best and i like him allot.And i know i say this every tinme but i just love brett and micheal
9/27/2006 c8 25Esquirella
Brett SHOULD go to a psychiatrist! LOL! It would help with his PDA issues.

Seriously, though. Great handling of some heavy issues.
9/27/2006 c8 31Leaving Here

update REALLY soon!

9/27/2006 c8 19diebyownhands
Its nice to see them getting along again. I'm as surprised as Brett that Michael did no yelling.
9/26/2006 c7 10afk
gawd i finally can eread the last 2 updates, i so luf this story! and i'm glad micheal and brett are getting much better
9/24/2006 c7 green
The conflict seems to be abating between Ben and Brett. Jamie seems to be doing good. I am now having doubts as to who the "two" are. I thought at first that it was Mikey and Brett, at first. But, now I think it might be Brett and Ben, although, it seems highly unlikely.
9/22/2006 c7 32eldrin
Simply amazing chapter.

Don't suppose that Michael will ever let Brett on a bike again, eh? Oh dear.
9/22/2006 c7 25Esquirella
Good GOD! LOL! I know you had to make something happen to get Brett and Ben talking again, but that was so ... drastic! You almost killed off Jamie's baby!
9/22/2006 c7 31Leaving Here
aw! loved it!update soon!~liz
9/22/2006 c7 diebyownhands
Michael is going to freak!

I'm glad to see that Bret and Ben are slowly working things out.
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