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4/8/2007 c1 genta
this is so pretty.

maria, i want you to write a big big book of poetry.


and friend = elmira?
8/27/2006 c1 237classic violet

"and the carcass of a horseshoe crab / strewn stones and shells"

i especially love that line. and all of the middle stanza. this poem is such a gem, love it.
8/26/2006 c1 34theoretically beautiful
I LOVED "you gaze ahead as salmon pinkmelts into a serene mint greenin ways that you never thought possible." That line is completley brilliant. Once again, your description is amazing. And I hate you for this because its too great:" a beach bird cries out in rhythm with a coming wavewhich slaps mightily at encroaching land." Wow.

keep at it-the bandit queen :)
8/25/2006 c1 Halcyon Impulsion
Good stuff. I love the colors - salmon, mint, and seams of seaweed :)I'd capitalize Monet... but I lvoe the reference, and I'd leave it at beer or tin becase budweiser (which could also be capitalized lol) brings us out of the mystery you're weaving and into something concrete-like and hard. Nice job :)
8/25/2006 c1 13Sir Scott
I hope your friend likes your poem. It is sad to see a friend move on.

Wishing You Good Health And Plenty Of Wealth, ~SirScott~
8/24/2006 c1 879Moondog Dozier
"seams of seaweed hold together mostly empty budweiser cans", is very vivid. The entire second stanza is just so tangible. This truly has an overall vibrancy that guides the emotions to the reader. "a beach bird cries out", is another specific image that jumps off the page. Sad to see someone go, yet this gives a greater life to those feelings of seperation. Well written.
8/23/2006 c1 97rust phoenix
I love this poem, it's so unique. I like how the imagery is abstract yet vivid, and ties in with emotions. This is the best poem I have read all day (and that's saying something because I've been on the computer 90 percent of today. I'm visiting relatives and there's nothing to do but go on the computer. I'll go review your other poems now).
8/23/2006 c1 22Lost in the Funhouse
A beautiful tribute. It's a handsome (Yep, I can't say "beautiful" twice in two sentences so I'm saying handsome :P) yet sorrowful piece. I loved the third stanza but couldn't help adoring

that is oh so modern art / with a sweet hint of monet

I love how it's a subtle tone almost, enunciated by have no capitol letters. Molto bene.
8/23/2006 c1 sylvia's syndrome
This is excellent; I really enjoyed reading this piece. The images are vivid but gentle, and the diction is delicate and elegant. The impression I get from this poem is that it is intended to sooth the sorrow of parting… but maybe that’s just me. In my opinion, this whole poem is written in excellent taste: it is beautiful without being overly ornate or trying too hard. Keep up the wonderful work!
8/23/2006 c1 50In the Rye
I like this. The imagery is wonderful.

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