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for The Good Guys Wear Black

6/8/2006 c1 26Quazzarr
i always wear black. The reason: colours seem to influecne mood, and since black is the absence of colour. It leaves me free to plug in any colour/emotion that i want. Like wearing bright yellow and being depressed...uh.. no.. wouldnt work... really good...keep it up.. cheers
8/14/2003 c1 71BC1337
LOL...you're my hero. Black rocks! I've never been a fan of colour, and I'm a good guy (well sorta...*laughs evily*) Anyways, good job.
9/30/2002 c1 8Starlit Anabelle
LOL! Yeah...black is kewl...
4/11/2001 c1 DO MA
3/9/2001 c1 16Maddy-kun
truthfully, i like the bad guys and they wear red. ^_^ how cute.
3/9/2001 c1 4Nyias
Cool! Great rhyming, cute idea. I really like this poem. :-)
3/7/2001 c1 Jo
This poem rocks my face o- UH... DEJA VU! I love this poem- althoguh it *is* a bit cheezy :)

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