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5/8/2007 c2 10Silent Will
Sorry it took so long to start, but I've had a lot of other work to do that comes before FP, so...yeah. Hopefully it won't keep up.

Anyhoo, great start to this. It was a little bit confusing at first when they changed worlds, but later on it got pretty clear. And man, a character death that early? Heh, I don't know about you, but I sure as heck wouldn't like to be that guy.

Looks like a really great story is ahead. I look forward to being able to read it.
1/26/2007 c7 Arick Payth
Does that mean that the pizza-eating guy is from the future too? Aw well, great chapter again.
1/26/2007 c6 Arick Payth
I can't tell if Jon really is working with them or not! I'm so confused! ... She-tah-key mushrooms. Lawl.
1/26/2007 c5 Arick Payth
Another awesome chapter, but uh, loincloths?

Actually Jon, gullible is in the dictionary, I checked.
1/25/2007 c4 Arick Payth
I love the story so far, it's great and well written. The only problem is why no one asks why the kids talk so funny.
1/16/2007 c20 4Meer der Sterne
This was a very good read. I actually couldn't hold myself back from reading it all in a two day period. That is why I tend to wait until stories are complete.

I really enjoyed the ninjas. Any story that has them usually turns out to be good. I miss Aero though. Now she's going to be all lonely. Kenzi was my favourite human character, mostly because she had a ring that was capable of burning things.

I also managed to learn some things while I was reading. Some of it was history, and some life lessons like never trusting your friend who has turned into a ghost.

Possible sequel? They still have a remote!
1/12/2007 c2 Ms. Critic
Richard, you should be gettin' a pretty big email soon. Share it with the gang!

Hi Amy!
1/12/2007 c1 Someone you know who
Hi peoples I'm reviewing can't talk now.
12/13/2006 c7 7The Egg
You have real skill for writing action, and I'm quite sure at this point that my favorite character is Jon (gotta love a guy with violent impulses). The size of the chapter was absolutely perfect for the scene, too, like you got a movie script person to do it or something.

The jaguar part was a little weird, but maybe Aero will be more involved in the next chapter...?

Back to Jon. I like the tension between him and Kenzi, especially in the 'fight' at the end and how Aero cut her off. Like s/he could sense their feelings or something.

Overall, the best chapter that I can remember reviewing. Sorry it took me so long to review again...I guess that it was my loss.

12/6/2006 c20 Kenzi
This BETTER be number 100 or I'll be ANGRY. ok, not really. but I'd be sad. but hey, WE FINISHED! I cannot express how happy that makes me!
12/6/2006 c17 mal
Kimmala, one of my most bestestestest..(yeah, thats just to be annoying)friends has a boyfriend. His last name be smith. She doesn't say "if i were to get married to him" she says "when" and somehow, I believe it. you guys figure out the children scheme
12/6/2006 c18 mal
Ok. umm...just sec
12/5/2006 c14 Ms. Critic
Hi guys I have to do this quick.

NO I am not done editing and talking and I really hope there is Book 2 cuz I didn't get to enjoy 1.

I found several mistakes in the books of Jon.


It's Abel, not Able

Oh yeah, in the other part, its DISTANCE, not DISTANT

12/4/2006 c14 Ms. Critic
I'm sneaking this at the comps at school. Hurry. Please send me the story on paper. Please write back to me in a letter. gotta go. Class is leaving Help!

MC :)~
12/1/2006 c20 21Reaper
Awesome ending...hehe, reading this while finishing Halo 2 again, except at least this one ends. I thought The Seminary Gang was well written and had good plot and had ninja's. Ninja's are always good.

However, the ending did kind of remind me of Halo, not reeally giving a full ending but leaving an opening. Seminary Gang just had a small opening for a sequal though, whereas Halo 2 just left out a huge wall...hole.


P.S. Nice ending...zombie-weilding sword...
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